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Staples Staples Size A4 White Commodity Paper 80gsm 500 Sheets
Simply Size A4 White Commodity Paper 75gsm 2500 Sheets
Royal Mail Royal Mail 2nd Class Stamps x 100
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Your easy guide to binding

Why bind
Binding is a simple and easy way to produce a professionally bound document. When you’ve worked hard on a project and invested time and money into your presentation, you need to give it the professional finish it deserves to ensure you make the greatest impact and that your first impression counts. Binding is the perfect way to present your documents.

What to bind

  • Supplier proposals
  • Training manuals
  • Health & Safety procedures
  • Contracts an agreements
  • Product designs
  • Year-end accounts
  • Monthly reports
  • Project reports

Which binding system
Use the sections below to select the right binding system for your needs.

1. What type of binding do you need?

2. Where will the binder be used?

3. Manual or electric?

Electric Punching
Provides ultimate ease of use. Electric punch button makes it easier to punch through large documents and also work through large quantities of documents quickly.

Manual Punching
Strong metal punch handle on Fellowes machines makes it easy to punch through documents.

4. Which document size?
Fellowes have developed product specification keys to make selecting a binder easier, even at first glance

Punch Capacity
The higher the punch capacity, the quicker the process

Binding Capacity
The higher the binding capacity, the larger the documents you can bind

Max Comb Size
Maximum comb size suitable for use with the binder

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