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Price Match Terms and Conditions

If you find a lower price on an identical item within 14 calendar days of your staples.co.uk purchase, just show us the price and we will match it.

Staples.co.uk will price match competitor web sites provided that the competitor web sites are vested in the same country as staples.co.uk, advertise the lower price and sell and ship the identical item in the same country as staples.co.uk (hereafter referred to as an Authorised Competitor).

From time to time our marketing material (including catalogues and direct mail) and internet prices might not match. If this happens within 14 calendar days of your purchase we will price match against the lowest of our two prices when brought to our attention.

We price match everything we sell, provided it is an identical item. An identical item means a new product from the same manufacturer with an identical model number, identical components and identical pack size but excludes refurbished items or demos and postage.

If an Authorised Competitor offers a special price for a bundle of products, we will match the total price for the bundle of products if the price of the bundle is widely advertised to all customers and if the products in the bundle are identical to items that are all stocked by Staples. The items must be in stock and widely available for purchase from an Authorised Competitor, whose authorisation to sell the products we reserve the right to verify.

Customer will need to provide via email to customersupport@online.staples.co.uk or fax to 0333 300 0039 a copy of your order confirmation and/or invoice with the identical item being price matched as well as details of the Authorised Competitor. Qualifying price matches will be refunded to you.

We do not match to Authorised Competitors own or special events like grand opening, anniversary, clearance, sale or liquidation sales. We don’t match our third-party providers and services (e.g. custom printing) or items sold on auction sites, warranties, typographical errors, gift cards or merchandising credits. Staples will not Price Match individual “quotes” provided by any other Authorised Competitor. Moreover customers buying products pursuant to a to a purchase agreement or an agreement specifying customer specific prices with Staples Solutions or any other Staples affiliate are excluded from this Price Match Policy. All vouchers and rebates (including Staples £’s off, Staples Easy rebates and mail-in rebates and instant savings) are deducted from the price of the Staples product when calculating a price match. When calculating a price match, we’ll deduct any available Staples vouchers and/or Staples rebates (£’s/% off, instant savings, Easy Rebates and mail-in rebates) from the Staples price to arrive at a net price. For example if you buy an item from us for £200, use a 20% off a £100 spend Staples voucher and there is a £20 instant savings, the net price is £180. If another company’s price is £180 or more, the price match will not be approved as the Staples price is equivalent or better. Another example, if you buy an item from us for £159 and you have a voucher for £25 off £100 order, as well as £20 mail-in rebate, the net price is £114. If another company’s price is £100, your price match savings would be £14.

Proration of vouchers means that the £ off vouchers (Staples vouchers) are proportionally deducted from the prices of items on an order. The prorated discount from all vouchers on the order will be used when calculating the Staples price. The application of vouchers can mean a specific purchase won’t qualify for price match.

If an Authorised Competitor offers a product that comes with an instant rebate, mail-in rebate, gift card or similar discounts, we will not take these discounts into account. If an Authorised Competitor offers a product that comes with a free or discounted item, and Staples does not carry the free or discounted item, we will only match the price you pay at the point of purchase and not take the free or discounted item into account.

If your staples.co.uk order will receive free next working day shipping and the Authorised Competitor’s order will receive free next working day shipping*, we will price match the product without considering the shipping charges. If your staples.co.uk order will receive free next working day shipping and the Authorised Competitor order will not receive free next working day shipping, we will include appropriate shipping charge in the Authorised Competitor’s price before calculating the price match. If your staples.co.uk order does not receive free next working day shipping and the Authorised Competitor’s order offers free next working day shipping* we will deduct the Staples shipping charge from the Authorised Competitor’s price so that the Staples price match item totals is the same as what the Authorised Competitor is selling the product for.

*Excludes any subscriptions based free shipping services e.g. Amazon Prime.

We may limit the quantity we sell of the price match item particularly if the other company has set a limit. In addition we reserve the right to limit quantities sold to a customer to a maximum of five units. Staples reserves the right to modify the terms of our Price Match from time to time as well as the right to terminate with immediate effects the Price Match offer.

These terms and conditions are governed by and constructed in accordance with the Laws of England and Wales.

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