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Sticky Tape

Tape for everyone to use and for many applications.

The adhesive tapes in our range come in many types, including different sizes, colours, and strengths to make your projects successful. Choose the right tape for the job, based on the strength of the adhesive and the surface you're sticking it to. Some kinds of sticky tape are available with varying degrees of adhesive strength, and multiple colours of tape can often help when you're working on different projects, for example, electrical work. Offices, homes, and schools will benefit from the adhesive tapes in our range designed for a variety of purposes, such as arts and crafts, sealing packages and envelopes, as well as professional and DIY jobs.

Many kinds of tape to order.

The most popular and common kinds of adhesive tape in our selection include:

  • Carpet tape: A double-sided flexible and durable tape, resistant to moisture for keeping rugs and carpets in place.
  • Duct tape: A heavy-duty tape available in many colours for strong adhesion with multiple uses.
  • Electrical tape: Typically made from vinyl, this tape offers a watertight seal for electrical insulation.
  • Masking tape: Available in various adhesive strengths, this tape is ideal for multi-purpose jobs, like painting.
  • Mounting tape: A double-sided sticky tape ideal for hanging posters, pictures, and other items.
  • Packaging tape: An office essential used for securely sealing packages, ideally used with a tape dispenser.
  • Painter’s tape: Available in different widths, this tape is used for protecting surfaces while painting.
  • Multi-purpose tape: Often branded as 'Sellotape', this tape is ideal for multiple types of sealing jobs.

So, look for the adhesive tapes you need in our product selection now and order online today.

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