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Drinks Bottles

Invaluable for many purposes, including domestic and industrial.

When you're looking for bottles, we have many different shapes, sizes, and materials to choose from. You may have liquid contents for packaging or simply be looking for drinks bottles. Here, you'll find everything from extremely small sizes, right up to really large kinds. Different businesses use bottles for their operations. These include the food and drinks industry, pharmaceuticals, health and beauty, automotive, and chemical industries (e.g., for domestic cleaning). You can buy bottles in bulk if you run a large operation or in smaller quantities if you need them for small projects, like making home brews or wines. We also have an excellent range of baby bottles to help parents care for newborns.

Made from a range of different materials.

The products you'll find in our range, include those made from:

  • Polyethylene: A clear, lightweight plastic often used for drinks bottles, oils, and some pharmaceutical products. You'll also find high and low-density polyethylene for bottling food and household items.
  • PVC: A material used for bottling a variety of liquids, but not foods.
  • Polypropylene: A strong plastic commonly used for bottling prescription medicines and some types of food.
  • Glass: There are two types of glass, including soda-lime glass, used for drinks, lotions, and potions, and lead crystal glass that's used for products, such as bottled premium fragrances.

Whether you're looking for large or small products made from plastic or glass, our excellent range will cater to your needs. Browse our selection and order your items online individually or in bulk.

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