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Cargo Carriers and Cargo Boxes

Are your cargo boxes fit for purpose?

No matter how big or small your e-commerce business, shipping costs can be a significant part of your overall outlay. If you are heavily involved in mailing a variety of different products across the UK or internationally, without carefully monitoring the size and types of cargo boxes and analysing cargo carrier costs, you could find much of that hard-earned profit slipping away.

Cargo Boxes are as varied as what you put in them.

How you choose to pack your goods depends very much on what the goods are and where they are going. How big they are and are they fragile? For instance, if you specialise in small items; expensive or custom jewellery, sim cards or memory sticks, sending these sorts of small items in letter-type envelopes, rather than little boxes, can save a fortune. In many instances, a 'fragile' item will fair better wrapped in bubble-wrap and squeezed into a smaller box than it will in a larger box filled with polystyrene balls. If you ship in bulk overseas, there are a whole range of lightweight, tough, purpose-built wooden crates in a variety of sizes designed to minimise your transportation costs.

Compare cargo carriers.

Once you've sorted your packaging, ring round the various carriers. Be prepared to use more than one. Some will be cheaper for small goods, while others may prove more cost-effective for larger or heavier parcels. The same applies to shipping insurance. Get on the comparison sites and see if your current policy is giving you real value for money.

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