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Suitable PC monitors are an investment that will have an impact on the comfort, speed and productivity of employees. Computer monitors in your office should be primarily lightweight and compact (easy to carry). Other important features are screen refresh rate measured in Hz, size in inches, and colour settings, including white balance. Another useful feature is the matte matrix which "absorbs" light instead of reflecting it. Comfortable-to-use computer screens will improve the quality of work. Read More
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PC Monitors

The Clear Guide to Computer Monitors

Like other consumer electronics products, computer monitors are manufactured by a large number of makers and come in all shapes and sizes. You may find the choice confusing at first, but this concise guide will help to narrow your choice. The first thing to consider is the size of monitor you are after. Larger ones can be useful if you don't want to squint or get too close the screen to see what is going on. You can judge a monitor's size by its rating given in inches but note that this is the diagonal dimension given from corner to corner, not left-right. In addition, you should bear in mind the aspect ratio of the monitor which gives you an indication of how rectangular or square a computer monitor might be – just like television sets. Lastly, make sure you are only looking at compatible monitors for your type of computer connection, for example, HDMI, DVI or VGA.

Getting a Good View From Your Computer Monitor

Firstly, set your computer's monitor up so that you can see it directly in front of you without needing to turn your neck to the left or the right. Your eyes should be level with it about two-thirds of the way up the screen. Most monitors can be tilted and adjusted, but you can also use a monitor stand to get the position just right. Now adjust the image brightness so that the screen appears natural in the room's light. You don't want it either shining too brightly or being so dark that you have to strain your eyes to see. To maintain a long life, allow your monitor to go into screen saver mode if it is not in use for a while.

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