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Disposable Batteries

Various battery sizes for all kinds of devices.

Many portable electronic devices, like tools, need power to operate, which is where disposable batteries come into their own. In our range, you'll find all types of disposable batteries, including AAA, AA, 9-volt batteries, cell batteries, and many more sizes. Buying disposable batteries is easy, so all you need to do is determine the size you need for your particular device. This is important because battery sizes are not interchangeable. For example, 9-volt batteries are larger and a different shape compared to AAA batteries. The lifespan of disposable batteries can depend according to the way you use them as well as the particular device that you're using them for. For example, using them in a remote control for your TV may give you a longer lifespan than in a frequently used toy. Therefore, it's worth having a good supply of the correct size batteries you use to ensure you don't run out.

Different styles of Disposable Batteries.

In our range, you'll find different kinds of batteries, including:

  • Alkaline: These are well-suited for both low- and high-drain devices, like clocks, remote controls, smoke detectors, games, and more. They're also very cost-effective.
  • Carbon zinc: These are highly cost-effective, but also have a shorter lifespan, so are best-suited for low-drain devices, such as bedside clocks.
  • Lithium: These last the longest and prices usually reflect this. They perform well in cold temperatures and are ideal for larger devices, like laptops, cameras, and smartphones.

It's important to remember that disposable batteries should be recycled, rather than disposed of as general waste, due to their properties. Order your batteries online here.


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