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Basic medical kits are intended for small and large businesses, warehouses and production facilities. They also come in handy while travelling. They are usually packed in portable bags or cases, which makes them easy to transport. Among first aid supplies, you will find bandages for wound dressing, adhesive plasters, latex gloves and antibacterial wipes. First aid kits in the workplace should not be refilled with over-the-counter medications or pain killers.

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First aid kits: indispensable at your workplace


First aid kit refills in our shop are for all those who want to be ready for sudden and potentially dangerous occurrences. Workplace first aid kits should be located in a visible and properly marked place that is known to everyone. An injury or sudden pain may occur unexpectedly, and the condition of a person who experiences them may deteriorate quickly. Whilst you are waiting for a doctor to arrive, it is worth making use of the first aid equipment and refreshing your knowledge of first aid.

Quick help: workplace first aid kits

A sprained ankle, a crushed finger, heat stroke or other unusual situations may be extremely unpleasant. It is worth keeping yourself and others safe. To react appropriately and quickly, it is necessary to ensure first aid training for all employees and provide the workplace with first aid equipment. This makes it possible to keep an injured or sick person in a stable condition until an ambulance arrives. First aid kits should contain good quality, clearly described items and first aid instructions. What should not be included in such kits?


First aid equipment: do not make this mistake

Workplace first aid kits often contain only pain killers which have only a temporary effect. This is a mistake because you never know what substances an employee may be allergic to. For example, allergies to widely used aspirin are quite common. If we do not know what can cause the injured person to have an allergic reaction, we should not give them any medicines. The only exception is when a certified healthcare worker (a doctor or a nurse) is tending to the patient. People from outside the healthcare sector should not administer medicines to anyone because they could worsen the patient’s condition. In this case, the best idea is to ask the injured person whether they have some medicines they should take.

First aid kits for injured persons

If there is a high risk of injury at work (e.g. at a construction site), the first aid kit should be better equipped. In this case, basic first aid kit refills should include gel compresses. Depending on the type of injury, they can be heated or cooled to provide temporary relief. Such a first aid kit often contains a triangular bandage, elastic bandage, scissors, gauze, eye flush bottle, safety pins, bandage and basic elements to stabilize injured limbs.


Don't forget about diagnostic devices, such as the glucose meter, which measures the level of glucose in the blood (in the case of fainting) or a thermometer. If the thermometer shows 38°C, it means that you should switch from your desk at work to a warm bed and hot tea.


Workplace first aid kits are a mandatory piece of equipment in every office, production facility or construction site. It is hard to imagine any company functioning efficiently and safely without them. Order your first aid equipment today, with fast delivery straight to your office.

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