5 Supplies You and Your Child Need When Returning to School and the Office

5 Supplies You and Your Child Need When Returning to School and the Office

16th September 2020

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You may be a sixth form student or the parent of a preparatory school pupil, but there is one thing you both have in common – you always find yourself surprised that the summer holidays have just finished and that you are rushing into the shop to stock up on school stationery supplies. The following is a list of the things that you should not forget about!

School stationery supplies

It may be pretty challenging to provide your child with all of the necessary school stationery supplies, and it is even more demanding to find out where to buy cheap stationery. Instead of organising a shopping trip, take advantage of our offers online and buy everything you need in one place.

But which school stationery supply items are a must? There are only a few subjects requiring special equipment, and these are: maths, geometry, arts and crafts. The other subjects only require basic stationery: notebooks, pencils, pens, tape, glue, paper clips, a stapler and a hole punch. To be prepared for maths and geometry, it would be best to buy a Maths set, which usually consists of different types of geometrical instruments, such as a ruler, protractor, compass, sharpener, eraser, stencil, and set squares. In order to let your creativity flow, buy an art and crafts set, including scissors, a cutting mat, a drawing board, a glue roll or traditional glue, brushes and paints.

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Taking notes and study supplies

Notebooks are the most basic of the basic school requirements – you may choose from card covers, hardback or wirebound notebooks if you lack the necessary space for writing as you may fold them back. If you want to be more eco-friendly, buy a refill pad. What is the student’s best friend? Post-its! You won’t forget about your next assignment if you stick a post-it on your noticeboard.

Do you want to learn some new vocabulary? Use post-its to create flashcards – stick them to your fridge and learn subconsciously while preparing your breakfast. Add a set of highlighters to your order to make your notes more visible, you may congratulate yourself on creating the best set of study supplies which will make your revision much easier.

And last but not least – buy an academic diary, it’s perfect for making notes about all upcoming exams and tests, assignments and school stationery supplies for the second term.

The organisation of stationery

Once you’ve ordered almost all of the necessary school stationery supplies add some organisation stationery to your basket. Ring binders are perfect for filing a small number of documents. Arch files are a better choice for providing ample storage space (they may hold over 700 sheets!). Don’t forget the pressboard dividers to keep your documents and notes organised.

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Home office equipment

Not only pupils and students require school supply stationery on their desks and in their school bags – there is also a wide range of stationery for adults. According to the Office for National Statistics, in April 2020, 46.6% of people worked remotely. That means that these employees needed to order home office equipment. A multitude of employees needed to buy a new computer, printer or even a comfortable chair. Apart from such large purchases, monthly orders may include: copy paper, ink and toners, notebooks, pencils and pens, staples and paper clips. If you have become a remote employee due to the coronavirus pandemic and it’s something new for you, remember that your employer should take responsibility for your home office equipment and either order it for you or offer you a monthly stipend to cover the cost of the supplies.

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Stationery for adults

Stationery for adults may also be necessary for purposes not connected with work – such as wall planners to mark all of the extra activities of your children or notepads for shopping lists. Don’t forget to include a dairy to keep yourself organised as there is plenty to accomplish, both at work and at home!

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