Avery Pre-Printed Allergen Food Labels

avery pre-printed allergen food labels

Written by Will Gatus

18th July 2023

Food Allergies

Food allergies affect millions of people across the globe, posing serious consequences if allergens aren’t identified on the food packaging. Unfortunately, at the age of 15, Natasha Ednan-Laperouse tragically died from anaphylactic shock due to there not being the appropriate labelling on packaging. This horrific event brought forward Natasha’s Law which is a food allergy awareness law that requires food establishments and manufacturers to clearly label foods that contain allergens. This makes sure they follow strict regulations, addressing the alarming rise in food allergy incidents. Avery’s pre-printed allergen food labels are a great tool in helping food manufacturers when securing consumer safety.

The importance of accurate allergen labelling

Before Natasha’s Law, food packaging lacked information about the allergens that the food contained, making the products dangerous for consumers who have specific food allergies. Therefore, for consumers who have food allergies, labelling is of paramount importance as consuming these specific allergens can prove to be lethal.

Avery pre-printed allergen food labels help to create a solution

Allergen food labels that are pre-printed provide a reliable solution for food manufacturers, small food business owners and cafe’s due to the accuracy of them. This enables the food manufacturers to follow the stricter allergen labelling requirements. Avery Dennison, offers pre-printed allergen food labels which are able to be customised in order to meet specific needs, increasing safety and confidence for consumers.

1. Clarity and Visibility

The labels use high quality materials to ensure clear visibility of allergen information increasing safety for consumers. The labels display the allergens in a clear and precise way, making it easy for consumers to identify what is safe to consume and what is not.

2. Allergen Coverage

The pre-printed labels help to provide allergen coverage, containing the necessary food allergens as shown in Natasha’s Law. These include things such as peanuts, sesame, milk, shellfish, soy and wheat. By using Avery’s labels, food establishments can label their products confidently, eliminating potential risks for customers and therefore making their products more attractive.

3. Cost and time-efficient labelling solution

Avery’s pre-printed labels offer an efficient and cheap solution for labelling. Meaning companies can save money and time. Meaning manufacturers can focus on their main operations while leaving the labelling task to Avery’s expertise.

4. Customisable labelling options

The labels that Avery Provide can be customised to fit the needs of the buyer. Manufacturers are able to incorporate their own branding while complying with the allergen labelling requirements helping to provide safety alongside maintaining brand consistency.

Overall, Avery’s pre-printed labels are helping manufacturers make a massive step forward in the food labelling area of the industry, it is very useful in creating quick and accurate labels that will help companies comply with the new regulations set through Natasha’s law.

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