How to Choose the Correct Lamps and Lighting

How to Choose the Correct Lamps and Lighting

12th October 2020

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Eye strain, headaches or even migraine after reading or studying. Does this situation ring a bell? Have you ever wondered when you may encounter these? No, you don’t suffer from a serious illness. These are the symptoms of ignorance, concerning the choice of lamps for studying. You may ask: “Do I need any special lamps for studying?!” The answer is: “Definitely yes!”

How Do I Choose the Best Lamps for Studying?

Nobody will achieve satisfactory results in the depressing and stressful atmosphere of a study room with bad lighting – yes, it’s not a joke, your mood is influenced by the lamps that you use and you may remedy this in a simple way with the purchase of proper lamps for studying. The best lamps for studying are the ones with an output of 300 to 800 lumen (or even more in the case of detail oriented tasks). A desk lamp should be placed on the side opposite to your dominant hand so that no shadows are created. If that’s not possible, the best desk lamps for the eyes have a tilting arm and a head that swivels in all directions. Choose lamps which offer daylight simulation instead of cool fluorescent light. The latter produces the most UV radiation. Can you imagine studying while wearing sunglasses? If your answer is “No”, then simply choose one of the lamps from a wide range of Daylight Simulation LED Lamps.

The best lamps for studying should be opaque as they focus the light directly on the material being studied. Find our range of lamps here!" width=

What about the Lighting for a Computer Desk?

To avoid eye strain while working with a computer, ensure higher lumen output (about 800)  – as this will also enhance your body posture by preventing you from leaning forward in order to see the screen content better. Ambient lighting for our computer desks improves our well-being but, what’s more important, it helps us to see contrast better or estimate shape and proximity.

Best Reading Lamp for the Eyes

In the past, the overhead light was believed to be the best one to turn on while reading to avoid  eyesight damage. However, contemporary research has shown this belief to be untrue so if you are a bookworm just remember –  the best reading lamp for the eyes is the one that produces yellowish light (about 3000 K). If you don’t want to buy two or three lamps, one for each different activity, choose the one with adjustable temperature modes. Also, be aware of one more important factor which may prevent eye strain while reading: take shorts breaks and look at an object in the distance. Wait until your eyes become accustomed to focusing on the object (your vision will become clear) then keep your eyes on it for a while to allow your eyes to rest.

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Why Does the Light Hurt My Eyes?

It’s crucial to know the answer to the question: Why does the light hurt my eyes? It’s all connected with the radiation it emits – the most damage is caused by UV radiation, and it’s not only the sun that’s responsible for it. Fortunately, we are now aware of the most harmful light bulbs, those emitting the most UV radiation, are the cool and bright light bulbs, as well as the fluorescent and incandescent ones. It’s been proven that the idea of dim light causing damage to your eyesight is a myth, yet you will feel tired more quickly while reading or studying with it.

How to Help Eye Strain?

If someone asks you the following question: “How to help eye strain?”, from now on you will know exactly what advice to give: buy a lamp with a daylight simulation bulb and a 300-800 lumen output, place the lamp on the opposite side of your dominant hand on your desk, or buy a lamp with a swiveling head,  adjust the temperature mode according to your current activity – a more yellowish light is necessary for reading than for using a computer. And remember, take short breaks, when you are either reading a book or studying, to let your eyes rest a bit.

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