SC Johnson

SC Johnson

11th December 2023

In the realm of home maintenance, there’s a common adage that rings true: the right tool for the right job makes all the difference. And when it comes to keeping your home in top shape, SC Johnson’s range of brands offers a diverse array of specialized tools that empower you to tackle even the most challenging tasks with ease.

Glade: Creating a Fragrant Sanctuary

Glade, a household name synonymous with ambiance enhancement, transforms your living spaces into havens of comfort and delight with its symphony of fragrances. From revitalizing citrus scents that awaken your senses to soothing lavender aromas that promote relaxation, Glade’s extensive range of air fresheners, candles, and sprays caters to a wide range of preferences and moods.

Glade air fresheners elevate fragrance control to a new level. These intelligent air fresheners detect occupancy and automatically release fragrance when movement is detected, ensuring that your home is always enveloped in the desired scent.

Mr. Muscle: Unleashing the Power of Cleaning

For those who embrace the challenge of tackling stubborn grime and dirt, Mr. Muscle stands as a formidable ally. The brand’s extensive range of multi-surface cleaners, drain de-cloggers, oven cleaners, and bathroom cleaners equips you with the tools to conquer every cleaning challenge, leaving your home sparkling from top to bottom.

Mr. Muscle’s multi-surface cleaners are your go-to allies for combating grease, grime, and dirt on a variety of surfaces, including countertops, appliances, and floors. Their potent formulas effectively lift grease stains, grime buildup, and stubborn dirt, leaving your surfaces clean and sanitized.

Whether tackling greasy kitchen messes, stubborn bathroom grime, or clogged drains, Mr. Muscle provides the tools you need to keep your home clean and inviting. So, grab your Mr. Muscle products and unleash the power of cleaning, transforming your home into a haven of sparkling surfaces and fresh scents.

Duck: Ensuring Bathroom Hygiene

A clean toilet is not merely a matter of aesthetics; it’s a crucial factor in maintaining a hygienic bathroom and preventing the spread of germs and bacteria. Germs and bacteria thrive in moist and warm environments, making the toilet bowl an ideal breeding ground. Regular cleaning is essential to eliminate these harmful microorganisms and keep your bathroom safe for everyone.

For a long-lasting shield against stains and odours, Duck Toilet Cleaner Gel is your ideal solution. This convenient gel formula adheres to the sides of your toilet bowl, slowly releasing cleaning power over time. Between cleanings, the gel continues to work, keeping your toilet sparkling clean and fresh. The pleasant fragrance of the gel also helps neutralize unpleasant odours, ensuring a clean and inviting bathroom experience.

Fortunately, SC Johnson’s Duck range of toilet cleaning products offers a comprehensive selection of solutions to help you achieve sparkling results and maintain a hygienic bathroom. With a variety of formulas, forms, and features, Duck has a product to suit every cleaning preference and need.

Deb: Securing Hand Hygiene with SC Johnson

In the intricate dance of personal hygiene, hand cleanliness stands as a cornerstone of health and well-being. Our hands, as extensions of our bodies, come into constant contact with various environments, introducing a myriad of germs and bacteria into our lives. To effectively combat these microscopic invaders, maintaining clean and sanitized hands is paramount.

SC Johnson’s Deb brand recognizes the significance of hand hygiene and offers a comprehensive range of products to safeguard your health and well-being. With its meticulous formulation and dedication to efficacy, Deb provides a range of solutions to cater to your diverse hand hygiene needs.

Deb’s hand soaps are crafted with a blend of gentle cleansers and invigorating fragrances, leaving your hands feeling refreshed and moisturized while effectively removing dirt, grime, and the vast majority of germs and bacteria.

Pledge: Protecting and Polishing Wood Finishes

When it comes to safeguarding your wooden surfaces from the ravages of time and the wear and tear of daily use, Pledge takes centre stage. The brand’s signature furniture polish, with its delicate shimmer and long-lasting protection, leaves wood surfaces looking radiant and refreshed. Alongside its furniture polish, Pledge also offers specialized wood cleaners that ensure your furniture and flooring retain their natural beauty for years to come.

Pledge Furniture Polish is meticulously formulated with a blend of natural waxes and conditioners that penetrate deep into the wood grain, restoring its natural beauty and enhancing its lustre. This gentle formula nourishes and revitalizes the wood, leaving it looking radiant and refreshed.

Unlike harsh chemicals that can damage the delicate wood fibres, Pledge Furniture Polish is formulated with natural ingredients that are gentle on the wood. This ensures that your furniture remains protected from the harmful effects of harsh chemicals, preserving its integrity and longevity.

Method: Empowering Eco-Conscious Home Care

Method, a brand under the SC Johnson umbrella, is known for its commitment to environmentally conscious cleaning products. The brand’s range of all-purpose cleaners, dish soaps, laundry detergents, and other household essentials is made with plant-based ingredients and biodegradable formulas, ensuring that your home cleaning routine is gentle on the environment while maintaining effectiveness. Method’s stylish and eco-friendly packaging further reinforces the brand’s dedication to sustainability.

With Method, you can tackle everyday cleaning tasks while making a positive impact on the planet. The brand’s products are formulated with renewable resources and biodegradable ingredients, minimizing their environmental footprint. Method’s commitment to sustainability extends to its packaging, which is made from recycled materials and designed to be easily recyclable.

Method’s eco-conscious approach aligns with the growing trend of consumers seeking environmentally friendly products. By choosing Method, you can contribute to a more sustainable future while maintaining a clean and healthy home.

With its commitment to innovation and quality, SC Johnson’s portfolio of brands empowers you to tackle home maintenance tasks with confidence and efficiency. From creating an inviting atmosphere with Glade to conquering grime with Mr. Muscle, from repairing leaks with Duck to restoring the shine of your surfaces with Deb and Pledge, SC Johnson provides the right tools for the job, making it easier than ever to maintain your home and create a space that reflects your unique style and desires.

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