Staples School Supplies

Staples School Supplies

30th May 2016

3 Minutes

With the new school term on the horizon, getting your child ready for returning after the summer break can be difficult. Helping kids get the most out of their education is important and knowing exactly what they need to take with them will ensure they feel prepared.

What are some of the essentials your child will need for going back to school?

Pens and Pencils

Whether it’s handwriting pens, biros or pencils you’re after, your child will need something to write with. Some schools may provide a range of writing equipment, but it may be useful for your child to have their own – that way they can use them consistently both at school and at home for any homework they are given. Pens and pencils will be used in almost all of your child’s lessons, so it’s good for them to have a supply. If one of their pens were to run out or a pencil broke, having a few spares at the ready can only be helpful. Grip pencils can help when learning to write, and can be especially useful when needing to write for long periods of time as they offer a comfortable hold.

Pencil case

While pens and pencils are a necessity on their own, a pencil case can provide a child with somewhere to keep their stationery. Having all their essential writing equipment in one place will allow them to have a tidy desk, minimising potential distraction while they are learning. It doubles as an easily storable place inside their school bag, so nothing gets lost. A pencil case can also hold any extra equipment they need – including erasers, rulers, and a pencil sharpener, as well as, depending on their age, protractors, a compass and a calculator.

Folders and plastic wallets

Depending on the age of your child, folders and plastic wallets may be a necessity. High school students are more likely to need these when organising work from their different lessons, or using them to stay on track with coursework. Folders can be an easy way to separate out different work from different lessons and for keeping all worksheets and exercise books together. By getting a range of different colours, your child can co-ordinate classes to certain colours, making them easy to find.


While children are provided with exercise books at school, an extra notebook can be a good way for them to take their own notes or any additional information they feel is important. Whether they have a large A4 book, or a smaller A5 one, notebooks can provide an extra resource for learning and also teach a child the importance of making notes and taking down information which they may need – a skill which may be needed later in life. University students generally need to provide their own supplies, so if your child is progressing to further education, a notebook or a series of pads will be a necessity.

School bag

With so much needed for returning to school, and if a child has gone up a year or into secondary education, they may need more room to carry their extra things. Depending on their school bag from the previous year, (which may be worn out or “out of fashion”) a new bag can provide them with confidence as well as the amount of space required.

Preparing a child for school is important, and making them feel ready and well-equipped can go a long way in boosting their confidence and mood for returning for another year.

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