Study Tips to Help You Achieve

Study Tips to Help You Achieve

15th June 2020

3 Minutes

It seems like there are always a thousand things going on, and studying is just one of them. That means you might need a hand keeping your studying on track so you can get it all done. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with the help of some simple tools. Because when you write things down, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

Bust out those flash cards

If you’ve got to memorize lots of information, flash cards are the way to go. To make a flash card, write or draw the thing you want to quiz yourself about on a note. Then, write the answer on another note. So, for example, if you’re working on your Spanish vocab, draw a picture of a fish on one note and write “el pescado” on another. Stick the fish picture on top of the translation on a surface (like your desk) then lift up to double-check that you know the answer.

Jog your memory with reminders in unusual places

If you’re always on the go, put reminders in places you might not otherwise think of to help you keep key concepts at the ready. All you have to do is write a note to yourself or draw a diagram on a note and then put it somewhere you won’t expect it. Try places that are outside of where you usually study, like the refrigerator door or the mirror over your bathroom sink. Choose bright colors to grab your attention.

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Mark what’s most important to save time

When it comes to your textbooks and notebooks, it’s important to be able get to the pages you need the most as quickly as possible. By creating sections, marking key ideas, and making notes, you can stay on top of everything you need to know. To keep yourself organized, mark important sections in your notebook with tabs so you can turn to the right section on the first try. When it comes to textbooks, use Page Markers to make notes you can find easily without writing on the pages — the colors stand out, and you won’t have to go through and erase what you’ve written at the end of the year. For any study materials, whether it’s notebooks, textbooks, or handouts, mark key ideas, vocabulary words, or diagrams with Flags, which help you find any piece of information in a flash.

Find a way to take a break 

You can’t study all the time. Plan to take some breaks when you get really stuck. Make yourself an “I’m stuck” pad with a note. Just grab a pad and jot down everything you can think of that will give you a little study break — one idea on each note. Then, when you get stuck, pull off the top note and do whatever you jotted down. These notes will keep all your ideas ready and waiting for the moment you need them most, and you can stick and re-stick them wherever you need them to stay motivated.

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