How much could your business save by switching fonts?

How much could your business save by switching fonts?

While we may be transforming into a world of paperless offices, many of us still want and need to print out documents and emails for our records. But did you know that by simply changing the font you print in, your business could save a significant amount throughout the year?

Different fonts have different weights to them, which can affect how much ink they use when printing. A study by the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay found that by switching their email font from Arial to the “more efficient” Century Gothic, they were able to save 30% on ink. At a cost of $10,000 per gallon, that’s a huge saving!

We’ve looked at the costs of different typefaces to show how much your business could be saving by being smart with your fonts.


Our Periodic Table describes the percentage of page coverage each ink gives and the average amount it will cost your business per year. We’ve based our research on a business printing 250 pages per week, using HP 124A Toner which has a page yield of 2,500. The standard A4 page is based on Arial font in 11pt, which would cost your business an average of £468 per year.


From the table you can see there are some clear savings to be made:

  • By simply swapping from Arial 11pt (at £468) to Century Gothic 10pt (at £355.27), your business could save £112.73 per year.
  • Choosing the standard Times Roman font with 11pt text (at £364.56), could see your business save just over £125 annually compared to Tahoma (£490.53).
  • If you’re planning on going green, and want to cut your printing overheads in the process, Ecofont will cost you £357.34 – saving £110.66 compared to Arial.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that every change is a good one. You can save money by using a different typeface, but you can also end up costing your business more if you select an inefficient type. For example, using Franklin Gothic Medium in 11pt as your go-to font can see you spending £518.78 a year on printing, compared to £355.27 when using Century Gothic.

Saving that little bit extra

Your business can also save money on printing by doing things such as turning your printer off when it’s not in use. Most printers switch off after 30 minutes of inactivity, which is required by EU law.

Similarly, it might be worth introducing a ‘don’t print unless you have to’ rule and encourage people to strip out the information they don’t need in order to save on ink costs. Printing double-sided is another easy way of cutting down on paper costs, as well as reducing wastage.

When it comes to printing documents internally, Century Gothic wins at being the most effective font to save your company money. You could always save more expensive fonts for official documents and client facing work, to give them a little extra flair.

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