Why you should surround yourself with positive people

30th November 2016

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Why you should surround yourself with positive people

By using the energy of those around us, we can take a more positive outlook and achieve more in our work. Mentor Aimee Bateman told us why it is important to surround yourself with positive people in order to help you succeed.

Surrounding yourself with upbeat and enthusiastic people is proven to be one of life’s motivators. Working in an office can occasionally have a negative effect on your mood and, ultimately, your work load. But by using the positive energy of those around you, you can change your own outlook. According to motivational speaker Jim Rohn: “You are the average of the five people you spend most time with”, so harnessing the positivity of those around you will allow you to become more inspired and motivated to carry on. The world can be a tough place at times, so it’s essential to have positive people around you.

So what is a positive person?

Positive people, or “lighters”, are not just happy – they encourage, inspire and motivate with their energy. Instead of just having a “good” day, these people “make” a good day . Lighters are people who add real value to us, either intellectually, emotionally or spiritually. You can find these people everywhere, not just at work. A family member or friend can be the positive person you need, as they can help encourage you to succeed and cheer you along on your journey. When it comes to finding lighters at work, look for those productive people who aren’t easily distracted, but are always willing to help.

Why should you surround yourself with lighters?

The energy that positive people have will rub off on you and, ultimately, may motivate you to put in more effort and get yourself ahead of the game at work. Lighters take action, which can be of real benefit in the workplace. Following this approach can help you become more positive with your own job and be more open to learning, listening and moving forward. Lighters tend to put more effort into developing their own future, which in essence can motivate you to do more to succeed.

How can you become more positive?

An important thing to remember is that like attracts like – so you need to give off positive vibes to draw positive people to you, and vice versa. But it’s still important to be yourself. Give yourself a goal to work towards – instead of feeling like you’re turning in circles, sit down with your manager and talk through what you want to achieve in the next three or six months.

Making realistic goals and setting yourself a challenge can help you become happier that your career is going towards where you want it to. Writing your goals down and keeping them in your notepad or on a laptop can act as a reminder to what you want to achieve. Happiness is contagious, so smile. Even when you’re not feeling it, a simple smile can put you in a better mood – smile at others in the office and smile inwardly to yourself.

And remember that the positivity you give and surround yourself with can go a long way to making you feel happier in your job and your life. As Gandhi said: “Don’t let anyone walk through your mind with their dirty feet”.

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