The Home Office Will Be Here for a While Longer: Prepare Your Home Office

30th November 2020

4 minutes

A few months ago nobody was saying that people would need to have a home office for a while longer.. However, the situation is still far from being safe and we are obliged to keep working remotely. On the other hand, both employers and employees have had the chance to reorganise their work practices and realise that remote work may still be productive and effective. It’s high time you learnt how to organise a home office.

The Essentials of Working from Home

As the home office will be here for a while longer, it would be best to know what the essentials are required to work from home. Add the following items to your home office setup checklist.

A Desk Chair

A comfortable desk chair should be the number one priority. A hunched posture is no longer acceptable – you must take care of your spine! What does a comfortable chair mean exactly? It must be suitable for long working hours, so pay close attention to the upholstery which should allow air to circulate. A pneumatic seat height adjustment mechanism is crucial for the maintenance of a healthy posture. Check if it offers lumbar support and a head rest too.

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A Desk

Using a laptop placed on your lap or on a kitchen table is not the best idea – how can you spend 8 hours in such a position and still be able to walk? You obviously need a desk! Even the smallest one is better than sitting at a table (this will cause backache). If you don’t have enough space for another piece of furniture, a desk riser may be for you. You may place it on your desk or table to avoid buying new furniture and either sit or stand, to keep your body in a better condition.

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A Desk Lamp

The days are getting shorter and shorter, so with the arrival of long gloomy evenings  the number three priority on your home office setup checklist must be a desk lamp. Why not choose a lamp with a wireless charger and a USB port – work, play music from your mobile phone and save documents – all-in-one, isn’t it wonderful and helpful?

Remember to choose a lamp which will be harmless to your eyes – examine the light and its position on your desk because if the home office will be here for a lot longer you should look after your eyesight. Remote work may harm your eyes so a good choice of  desk lamp may reduce eye strain.

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A Smart Home Office

You may see your team and your boss more often virtually now so get more pleasure out of it with high tech equipment. The biggest but, at the same time, the most essential purchase may be a laptop, compatible with Google Meet, and a processor, which will reduce all of the interruptions to communication to a minimum. Still experiencing connection failures? Supply your home office with a wireless router, which transmits a Wi-Fi signal to your study, living room or even your closet (yes, for some, it’s the most peaceful place from which to work at home).

Your boss will surely be happy to see your face, so a webcam may also be considered as a work from home essential. If you know how challenging it may be to work from home with the kids on board, and you are expecting an important call, invest in a headset and your problems are over.

Setting up a Home Office for Remote Work

Having bought all the work from home essentials, think about setting up a home office for remote work. Where to start? Start with the location. Which room will be the most suitable for you? If you already have a study at home, the choice is simple. However, if you don’t have a separate room for work, consider which one will be the most comfortable.

Firstly, as the home office will be here for a while longer, it should be a place where you can store your laptop and documents safely. No, the kitchen table is not the best place – just imagine your kids eating dinner at that table! Secondly, working in your living room with the TV on will surely lead to you working for 10 or more hours. And remember, multitasking has been proven to reduce productivity and even kills brain cells! And, last but not least, organise some space for relaxation and remember to refresh yourself once in a while to keep your productivity levels high.

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