The power of WASHSPACE

22nd October 2018

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A clean, fully stocked restroom is a must in any workplace, whether you share it with other workers or your family. At Staples, we know how important clean smells and sparkling surfaces are to the washroom routine, and that’s why we’re proud to provide what you need to keep your WASHSPACE and their visitors as clean and germ-free as can be.

In a workday filled with ups and downs and on-the-job stresses, the bathroom should be the least of your worries. Better space leads to better work, and with a little forward thinking, it’s easy to make your WASHSPACE do its best for you and all who use it. Because when your SPACE works, everything works.

Feel good

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A great WASHSPACE takes care of our needs so that our energy can be directed towards being as creative as possible and reaching our full potential at work. Splashing some water on your face in a clean bathroom with pleasant lighting has the power to revive. Add some scented hand wash and lotion into the mix and a moment of zen becomes possible, all while in the WASHSPACE.See what’s possible when your space works for you. – Learn more

Stay healthy

The woman's hand is going to open the faucet to wash hands. To maintain cleanliness after entering the bathroom, the concept of health and cleanliness.

Every year, millions of people around the world come down with the flu, which keeps them out of work, in bed and unwell for what in some cases can be weeks at a time. To keep it curbed in your place of work, make sure that you stay at home and, if your office is at home, in bed until you’re fever-free for at least a day. And on the job, a steady supply of soap, paper towels and hand sanitizer can help keep any WASHSPACE a safer, healthier place for everyone.

Washing, drying, and disinfecting your hands after a trip to the bathroom and throughout the day is one of the best defences against the spread of germs and illness. Put a reminder up in an office washroom to incite good hygiene and better ways of washing up. And know that drying is just as important as washing. Bacteria cling to damp hands more easily, so be sure to make use of those paper towels after you’re done with the water and soap.

Take care


The only thing worse than an unkempt, grimy bathroom? One that’s run out of necessary supplies. Not only does it put people at risk to the spread of bacteria, but it’s also a nuisance for all those involved. And what’s more, it’s a poor reflection on the workplace as a whole.

But it’s not hard to avoid. With our inventory, we can ensure your WASHSPACE never runs out of what it needs—and neither do you. We know the difference it makes in your day when the sinks are squeaky-clean, the soap is stocked and everything smells fresh. And we’re here to help make bathroom management as refreshingly simple as it should be.

Find out more about the importance of a delightful WASHSPACE and Staples’s washroom solutions.

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