The power of WORKSPACE

28th October 2018

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Where we work determines what we’re able to do, whether our space is a home office or company headquarters. Either way, this special area has the power to significantly impact our productivity and creative imagination, strongly influencing the very thing it is we’re working on.

At Staples, we know that better space leads to better work—and that a better WORKSPACE lead to higher levels of happiness and employee satisfaction all around. How? Because they make everything function and flow, leaving us feeling focused, fulfilled and accomplishing more than ever.

As humans, we’re at our most alive when we’re creating. Putting together an environment that encourages this is easier than you might think. The best offices for teams of one to one hundred need a minimally distracting and motivational WORKSPACE where things get done and ideas get shared. And since everyone works a little bit differently, what that looks like is bound to vary. But whether you’re most productive at an assigned desk, co-working table or on a comfy couch (or perhaps a bit of each), when your space works, everything works.

We’re here to help you make the most of your WORKSPACE. Here’s how Staples can help you and your colleagues:

Keep comfortable

Spaces designed around your way of working inspire fresh thinking and get you innovating faster. Ergonomic furniture, accessories and supplies designed to fit with the needs and movements of our bodies make a world of difference when working eight-hour days or more. And alternating between seated and standing desks can also help keep the blood flowing through our bodies and to the brain.

Switching things up is key to staying focused and feeling refreshed throughout the day. Some of the things that lower motivation among employees are low light levels, lack of a space and solitude. So much so, that a recent Gallup report found that 42% would change jobs to have more privacy when needed, and 33% said they’d transfer just for a door they could shut. Retain your talent by creating a WORKSPACE that allows people to move around vary their working conditions.

See what’s possible when your space works for you. – Learn more

Get motivated

Today’s office has no place for the drab, grey cubicle with a plain legal pad and fountain pen. From having the essentials on-hand to jot down a genius idea to the tools and services that let you share that idea instantly, the right WORKSPACE helps unleash your creativity and make work work for you.

A fully stocked supply cabinet ensures that every employee has the tools they need to get their job done, while folders, filing cabinets and other organisational systems keep everything in its place—reducing confusion, stress and wasted time to keep you and your colleagues performing at your best. In your home office, it’s also vital to have your stationery draw fully stocked with anything you might need to jot down important notes and reminders.

But remember: there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to these kinds of details and design. So why not ask for feedback? Identify what it is that inspires you, your colleagues and your company’s greater goals, and find the space to make it happen.

Work anywhere

Whether your business is based at home or in an office, the practice of working away from a traditional desk is becoming more and more common. And with a reliable internet connection along with the right technology, truly anywhere can be a WORKSPACE, from a corner of your bedroom to a waiting area, aeroplane seat, or a cosy armchair. Start thinking outside the box. At Staples, laptops, webcams, notebooks and more make it possible to have a positive and productive work experience—no matter where you are or where you’re going.

Stay productive

Besides our own sheer willpower, studies show that touches of nature and a bit of flare go a long way when it comes to influencing productivity. A London-based inquiry found that office workers who had the opportunity to arrange their SPACE with flower pots and pictures to their liking were up to 32% more productive overall. But it’s the plants in particular that seem to do the trick.

A decade’s worth of research from the University of Exeter revealed that adding plants throughout an office could increase productivity by an incredible 15%. Maybe it’s finally time for a little fern friend? Whether it’s a plant, a painting or a colourful accessory, consider allotting a small budget towards sprucing up personal WORKSPACE—whether it’s your desk area or in your home office. Your creativity will thank you.

Find out more about the importance of WORKSPACE  and explore Staples’s solutions for creating a space to minimise stress and maximise worker satisfaction.

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