Things bound to happen at your office Christmas Party

Things bound to happen at your office Christmas Party

If there’s one event that every office worker looks forward to, it has to be the annual Christmas party. After a year of hard work, employees can truly let their hair down and celebrate what they’ve achieved over the year with some festive fun. But the reputation of the office Christmas party tends to proceed itself, with almost every yuletide gathering bringing with it tales and anecdotes of debauchery and comedy.

Here are a few things that are guaranteed to happen at your Christmas party:

Turning up ridiculously early

After you’ve been allowed to finish an hour early to go and get your party attire on, the big question is: what time should you arrive at the shindig? Go too early and you’ll look too eager, or turn up fashionably late and you’ll have people questioning where you’ve been. You decided on 30 minutes late, and still ended up being the first there.

A finance colleague thinks they are the new Fatboy Slim

Rather than shell out the expense of a DJ, the resident finance worker brings in their own laptop and speakers to cut back on costs. Three hours of “hip” German techno band Zwei Meerschweinchen later, the only thing moving on the dancefloor is tumbleweed.

Co-worker in a ridiculous yuletide outfit

Embracing the festivities is what Christmas is all about – but there is a time and a place. You’ll always spot that one co-worker donning Christmas socks, a tie, jumper, shirt and even the classic Santa’s hat. The itchy woollen jumper does comes back to haunt them throughout the evening, but they’re too proud to take it off.

Desk dancing

After a few drinks, everyone loves a good boogie. So what is more fitting for the Christmas party than joining your colleagues up on your daily workspace and dancing all over it, totally oblivious to the fact that your feet are stomping all over your important paperwork and your stationery holder has been booted half way across the office.

Talking to your boss like they are your best friend

Usually, the conversation you’ll have with your company’s boss is a passing remark about a project you are working on. But when the office party comes around, it’s a whole different ball game. You’ll inevitably bleed your heart out to your boss, telling them how you’d do things different if you were in charge.

Photocopier being used inappropriately

As a vital part of office life, being able to copy your important documents is a significant step towards organised perfection. However, when the party is in the full swing, the most important thing you’ll want photocopy is the most hilarious thing you can find within reaching distance.

Quiet kid becomes king of the jungle

A party environment can bring out the inner-animal of any employee, but it is usually the ones you’d least expect. The marketing intern who wouldn’t say boo to a goose in the daytime suddenly develops an abundance of self-confidence, cracking all of the jokes and creating camaraderie left, right and centre. Perhaps it is the party atmosphere; perhaps it is the drink talking.

Befriending a co-worker, then never speaking to them again

A common occurrence at all Christmas parties – becoming friends with a co-worker for one night and one night only. They may work three floors above, having nothing to do with any of your daily work routines and only uttered “can I borrow a sticky note?” to you once in your whole employment there, but for that night you are as thick and thieves – an inseparable duo of festive fun. Come the next morning, normal order is resumed and you’ll never hear from them again.

Completely losing track of time

As the Christmas party is in full swing, the last thing on your mind is going home. But, at what you think is around 11pm, you glance up at the clock on the wall, and to your horror you see that it is actually 4am. Cue pandemonium as all the remaining revellers rush to the phones to call a cab home.

Energy drinks galore

What a difference a couple of hours makes. You and your co-workers were having the time of your lives a mere few hours ago and now you are all back in the same space, nursing a sore head and feeling very sorry for yourselves. Every desk will be awash with energy drinks, coffee and water to try to slay this mammoth-sized hangover and every colleague will be counting down the minutes until home time.