Top five signs Christmas is officially over

Top five signs Christmas is officially over

It happens year after year – we’ve barely packed away our summer wardrobe and the shops are advertising their festive wares all over the television and on billboards around the country. However, after all that preparation and months of planning to host the perfect Christmas, it’s over in an instant. Before we know it, we’re pulling the tree down and planning for the year ahead, the festive celebrations already a fast-fading memory.

We’ve taken a look at the top five ways in which you can be sure Christmas is definitely done and dusted for another year.

Decorations are taken down

As much fun as it was decorating the tree and kitting the house out in all things sparkly, there comes the day when everything needs to be boxed away for another year and the house restored to its usual orderly state.

Well-meaning resolutions

All of a sudden you’re surrounded by determined conversations among friends and colleagues about how the gym will become their new best friend, impulsive spending will be a thing of the past, and salads, water and low-fat foods are now the way forward. Good intentions, yes, but will they last beyond the first week of January?

Novelty jumpers die an abrupt death

The unashamedly garish Christmas jumpers have provided the laughs for the last few weeks, but you’re noticing they’re few and far between when you’re out and about. As you shove your Christmas woollies – bells, bobbles and all – to the back of the wardrobe to be forgotten about for another 12 months, you’ll know the festive season is well and truly wrapped up once more.

All thoughts turn to sunnier climes

We’ve suffered the miserable weather of the British winter for long enough so it’s never too early to think about that annual trip to the sun. Talk suddenly sways towards the top holiday destinations for the year and debate surrounds when to clinch the best-priced flights. We’ve all got a little festive weight to lose before we can slip into our swimwear though…

The sales are in full swing

Better nab those bargains quickly, because a few days into January and the shop floors resemble something similar to a jumble sale. If you’re prepared to get up early enough and brave the crowds, there are plenty of good deals to be snapped up.

And so that’s it – Christmas done with for another year. However, those who live for the festive cheer of this favourite time of year, keep in mind that before we know it, it will be the back end of summer, and the first of the Christmas adverts will no doubt have made their way on to our television screens.