Tai Chi in the office

Tai Chi in the office

Originally created as a form of martial arts, Tai Chi is now used across the world to stretch, relieve physical tension and combat stress levels. Ideal for the office, this gentle form of exercise can be done at your work station or in a quiet corner to re-energise your work efforts. Combining smooth flowing movements with grounding breathing exercises can make a huge difference to your productivity.

The many physical and mental benefits of Tai Chi, make it perfect for people working in an office. We’ve created a short video with expert Betty Sutherland to demonstrate how you can incorporate these stress relieving exercises into your working day. Betty is a qualified Tai Chi practitioner and trainer with more than 20 years of experience. Originally from Scotland, she has pioneered the teaching of Tai Chi to children in primary schools across the country, allowing them to gain the physical and mental benefit of the martial art.

Betty takes us through techniques that can help to get your body limbered up, increase productivity and re-focus your mind. So find a quiet space where you are free to move and get to work on relaxing your body and mind for the work day ahead.


If Tai Chi isn’t enough to keep your body moving and your mind working, then we have some other tips to help you loosen off and keep your energy levels high. From walking to stretching, staying fit in the office needn’t be difficult.

Opt to take the stairs rather than the lift. Enough to get your blood pumping, you’ll be surprised by how much this simple change can refresh your body and mind for a more productive day at work.

Walking a little further every day will put an extra spring in your step. Opt to take some fresh air and get out of the office on your lunch, rather than grabbing food and heading back to your desk. Feel the benefits of face to face interaction and a new perspective when you visit a colleague’s desk for a chat rather than sending emails. Or have walking meetings that will get your heart-rate up and your creative juices flowing.

Keeping your mind and body relaxed, focussed and productive doesn’t have to be difficult even when you work in an office environment. With our useful Tai Chi instruction video and our desk exercise tips, you can quickly improve your wellbeing in the workplace.