Christmas Hacks
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Christmas Hacks

Decorating your home and office can be a great way to get yourself in the Christmas spirit. But with so many decorations you can spread around your abode or workspace, it can become quite a challenge to be ready in time.

To help, we’ve put together some Christmas hacks to make your space look suitably yuletide.

Make your own tree

If you haven’t got time to pick up a real tree or you fancy a change, in either your home or office, why not make your own feature piece? There are lots of different kinds you can make, but if you head for the recycling bin, you can use paper and roll or fold this to make your very own alternative Christmas tree. The best thing about it is that you can recycle it again once the festivities are over.

Making bunting for around the office

If your office space is lacking in decoration and you want to add something a little festive without incurring the extra costs, why not get some colourful paper and make your own bunting? Simply cutting out the shapes you want and attaching them to string can have a big impact. You could even have each employee decorate a piece with markers and coloured pencils.

Use green tinsel to make your tree look fuller

If your tree is starting to look a bit thin after all the years of bringing it in and out of the loft, a handy tip is to use green tinsel to give it a “fuller” look[1]. Placing the tinsel towards to centre of the tree can give it the appearance of being a lusher, fuller looking tree.

Use leftover wrapping paper to make decorative bows for presents

If you’ve spent the run up to the festive season wrapping your presents, you’ll no doubt have lots of extra cut-offs from the wrapping paper. To avoid any waste, and give your presents that festive touch, why not turn those leftover pieces into some decorative bows[2]? They are easy to make and can really add that something special.

Make your own fireplace in the office

While it may seem a little strange, making a fireplace[3] to go next to your office tree can have a big impact. All you need are empty boxes, tape and red and white paper. Start by taping the boxes into a simple fireplace structure, cover with the white paper and cut out brick shapes to stick on. You can decorate this with paper stockings or tinsel – simple yet effective!

There are lots of little tricks and tips you can try to give your workspace or family home the ultimate Christmas look and make the decorating extra fun this year.