Reduce your office budget with our printing cost calculator
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Reduce your office budget with our printing cost calculator

Despite the rise of paperless communications, there’s still a great amount of value placed on a printed document. But as you may know, printing costs can be substantial to your business if not properly understood and monitored.

To make things easier, we’ve devised a simple formula which you can use as a printing cost calculator. It’ll help you get to grips with your printing spend and whether your cartridge choice is economical enough for you. Plus it’s really easy to use and will help you discover your printing costs per page.

black-cost-EN colour-cost-EN

To put this formula into practice you’ll need to determine the page yield of your ink cartridges, which in simple terms means how many pages your cartridge will print. This information can usually be found on your printer manufacturer’s website, along with pricing details. For your black and white ink calculations you’ll only need the price of the black cartridge, but you will need to input the price of all of the cartridges for colour calculations: black, cyan, magenta and yellow. Once you have this information you can input it into the formula and calculate your printing costs per page.

While this is a very useful tool, a variety of other factors can also impact your business’ printing spend so we’ve come up with a number of tips that can help you cut down your print costs.


  1. Do you really need to press print?

Before you hit print on that document, take a moment to stop and consider whether you really need it as a printout. Think about whether or not your colleagues can share documents or if they are likely to be discarded after meetings. Also make sure you utilise your preview button before sending your documents off to print. You can save on reprinting by double checking the document for spelling errors or format issues.


  1. Are you using the best format?

Just changing your page format can save money on your printing costs. By reducing the amount of white space on your documents and introducing slightly smaller margins, you can make the most of every sheet you print. Alternatively, look at your printer settings and print double sided to cut your paper usages in half. Plus, printing multiple pages per sheet for internal presentations can cut your usage down even further.


  1. Internal or external?

Try to use the right paper to suit different situations. For professional looking external documents, use a high quality paper that will make a lasting impression. Whereas for internal documents, reduce ink and toner usage, as well as paper, by setting your printer to draft mode. This will instantly use less ink for each print, suits less important printouts and will help your company to save money. Then just simply reset your printer back to photo quality for external documents.


  1. Are you using the right ink?

Thanks to our clever formula, you can really see the difference in price between black and white printing costs in comparison to colour. Save your company money by opting to print internal documents in black and white, saving those expensive colour cartridges for anything external when a higher level of quality is needed.


  1. Have you got the right printer?

You might think you’re saving money by not splashing out on an up-to-date printer, however by upgrading to a new model, you can actually save money in the long run and make your printing process run a little smoother. Why? Because older printers tend to be less efficient for both ink and paper than most printers manufactured today.


By using these tips and our handy printing cost calculator, you can introduce a more economically efficient and cost effective printing process to your business. Not sure what ink is right for your business? Use our ink and toner finder to get the perfect ink for your printing needs.