6 ways to get organised online and off-line
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6 ways to get organised online and off-line

As technology marches on, its effects are felt everywhere: homes, schools and businesses. In the office, we all work to our own tips and tricks for being organised, but as technology finds new and clever ways to stay on top of our working day, some people may find it all a bit of a faff and like to keep things old school.

With that in mind, here we discuss the most effective ways to get organised in the workplace – with and without tech.

Recording minutes

Attending a meeting can be a laborious process, and sometimes feels more like a negotiation than a discussion. In order to set clear actions for every attendee, it helps to take minutes in the meeting, write them up and email them to everyone.

If you’re a traditionalist, you’ll need a notepad and pen at the ready – a crash course in shorthand wouldn’t go amiss either to ensure nothing gets missed out.

However, a less intensive solution and one that allows you to focus more on steering the meeting, rather than making notes throughout it, would be to use a digital voice recorder. It’s much easier to compile more comprehensive minutes afterwards when the conversation is recorded rather than trying to decipher your own handwriting.

Files and folders

For as long as PCs have been a staple of office life, workers have been able to use ‘files’ for working on and ‘folders’ in which to organise them. The rate at which computers have grown more and more capable is simply astounding. 20 years ago, when Windows 95 was launched, a typical hard drive could store only 1GB of data – today’s machines are easily able to store 1,000 times that.

While tech-heads continue to admire the possibilities of data storage, many businesses tend to keep a hard copy backup of their most important information. Filing cabinets are typically the best offline solution, with folders categorised and appropriately labelled for fast access.

Keeping schedules

Smartphones have done more for the modern office than any other piece of equipment, allowing workers remote access to both the people and the work they need while they’re out of the office. A wide range of apps and programmes means you can keep on top of approaching deadlines, and gives you the ability to shuffle tasks around as required to free you up for more pressing matters if necessary.

For a more office-focused outlook on your schedule, keeping a daily plan allows you to plan your time more effectively. A personal organiser gives you the freedom to set and reset appointments as your pressing workload demands, ensuring that you never miss an important meeting or work deadline.

Whether you’re traditionalist or techy, the rapid-fire solution for getting organised at work is within easy reach. Whatever you feel more comfortable with, there’s an option to suit your preferred method of getting things done.