What’s the best paper for your business needs?
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What’s the best paper for your business needs?

Just like the quality of your products and the way you treat your clients, the paper you choose says something about your business. It’s important to select the right paper for your practical requirements and to use the best quality to represent your business. If you’re sending  printed literature to prospective clients, promoting events using flyers and posters, or creating client presentations to hand out at important meetings, it’s reassuring to know you’ve used the right type of paper for the job. Here, we take a look at the various papers you should opt for according to the types of printing you need to do.


What’s the best paper for inkjet printers?

If you have an inkjet printer you might know that these machines work in a very specific way. They spray liquid ink onto the page at a high velocity, which means the best paper to use in an inkjet printer is more absorbent than standard paper. Using purpose made inkjet paper will help to avoid smudging on your documents and will ensure that all your prints dry quickly.


Do I need specialist photo paper?

For the greatest results on photo printing, an inkjet printer rather than a laser printer will provide you with the highest quality products. Inkjet printers are capable of producing much more detailed colour images and, for the highest quality results, you should also invest in specialist photo paper. Photo paper is sold in a range of finishes, with some papers delivering a semi-glossy end product, and others a subtle sheen. Whether you want eye-catching high-gloss flyers or mellow coloured posters, the best paper for photo prints will depend on personal taste.


What’s the best printer paper for everyday use?

It’s always a wise idea to keep an eye on how much is spent on consumables in your business. Ink, paper, postage costs etc. can mount up unless you conduct regular audits to mark where the money is going. If you print a high volume of internal documents that don’t need to be of an exceptionally high standard, copier paper is a good alternative to laser, photo or inkjet paper. Economical and sold in reams, copier paper products do the job without incurring unnecessary expense.


What about recycled paper?

Increasingly, businesses are taking their environmental responsibilities very seriously. It’s important to reduce your carbon footprint wherever possible and when you’re looking to buy printer paper one of your primary concerns may be sustainability. Like low-emission vehicles, car share schemes and ‘switch-off’ policies, buying recycled paper can be a great way to get greener. Recycled paper can be used in any printer and nowadays is often almost as white as non-recycled paper. For everyday printing of internal documents or for early drafts of client-facing work, it’s an excellent choice.


Is laser paper right for my business?

Of all printer paper types, laser paper is usually the thickest. It is produced specifically to be used in laser printers and has a special surface coating that allows the toner powder to adhere to it when exposed to the high temperatures created by the printer. Laser printing is excellent for producing high quality documents, making it the perfect type of paper for printing presentation hand-outs. Although it can be a little more expensive than standard printer papers, laser paper lets you create a quality, elegant finish on public-facing or client-facing documents.


By following the advice in this guide you’ll be able to choose the right paper for your specific printing needs in all circumstances. Whether you’re printing work-a-day office memos, internal handouts or high-spec glossy client presentations, you’ll get the best results knowing that you’re using the right paper for the job.


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