How to throw the perfect office Christmas Party
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How to throw the perfect office Christmas Party

The annual office Christmas party is the highlight of the working calendar for the majority of employees, as it acts as a time of celebration after 12 months of hard graft. It gives staff the chance to kick back and have some fun. For those planning the shindig, it can seem like a daunting task, with all a great many factors that need to be taken into consideration.

But fear not! Here are a few handy tips to help your festive planning be smooth sailing from here on in:

Choosing the right day

Arguably the most important part of any party planning, let alone your office Christmas bonanza. Do you go for a night during the weekend, which may deter attendees, or go for weeknight, which is just as likely to scare off your co-workers? You could put out an internal poll to see which night people would prefer and go with the most popular answer. Remember, though, if you opt for a weeknight your staff may be coming into work the next day feeling slightly worse for wear!

Creating a winter wonderland

To truly embrace the spirit of Christmas, you need to deck your party’s halls out with bells and holly (tra-la-la-la-lar and so on). Push the boundaries as far as you possibly can to wow your attendees – get some fake snow to add to that wintery ambience if you can! If you are working on a bit of a shoestring budget, perhaps banding together a few colleagues and creating your own decorations might be the best option. By simply using some card, glitter and scissors, you can design and produce some yuletide-inspired pieces.

Getting the music right

Choosing the right tunes can make or break your Christmas party. You have to get an eclectic mix of chart hits, yuletide anthems and, of course, a whole lot of cheesy pop music for everyone to sing their hearts out to when the end is nigh. Remember – you want the dancefloor to be packed, so make sure all the songs you pick have a touch of groove about them. You’ll need to ensure your sound system is up to scratch too, so getting a decent set of speakers is advisable.

Bringing in some fun activities

You don’t want your party to be a snore-fest, so a few games and activities can not only make for great entertainment, but help build camaraderie between your employees and co-workers. Having a silly “End of Year Awards” ceremony tends to go down well, or why not try out the modern phenomenon of beer-pong and create departmental teams to see who will come out on top. Festive games could also go down well, like a pre-planned Secret Santa or even a throwback to “pin the tail on the reindeer”.

Catering for everyone’s needs

Not everyone will enjoy the inevitable spread of fine wines and cured meats, so make sure you’ve got all bases covered. Stock the fridge with a selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for the party dwellers to enjoy, and make sure plenty of plastic cups are on hand too. If you have a guest who is allergic to nuts or is lactose intolerant, ensure there are suitable options for them on the buffet or menu.

Party planning for your office’s Christmas blow-out can seems an overwhelming job, but by following the above tips, you’ll be on the road to hosting a fantastically festive gathering.