Spotting the Signs of Tampering: A Comprehensive Guide to Secure Deliveries with a Focus on ProAmpac® Systems

14th May 2024

In today’s digital age, where online shopping reigns supreme and essential deliveries are commonplace, ensuring the safe arrival of your packages is more important than ever. Tamper-evident tape closures act as silent guardians, deterring tampering attempts and offering peace of mind. This guide equips you to become a vigilant protector of your belongings, focusing specifically on identifying potential breaches on packages secured with ProAmpac® tamper-evident closure systems.

Understanding Tamper-Evident Technology:

Tamper-evident tape goes beyond simple sealing. It incorporates a sophisticated arsenal of security features designed to leave a clear and undeniable mark if someone tries to access the contents of your package. While the specific features may vary by manufacturer, ProAmpac® offers a well-respected system with distinct visual indicators:

  • KeepSafe® Logos: ProAmpac®‘s signature security feature is the presence of black KeepSafe® logos on the tamper-evident tape. These logos act as critical tamper indicators.

  • Void Messaging: Upon removal, the tape might reveal a message like “VOID” or a specific message related to tampering, such as “This bag has been attacked mechanically or by freezing the glue” (indicating a specific tampering method). This message can be imprinted directly on the box underneath the tape or on the tape itself.

  • Brittle Seals: ProAmpac® tapes utilize a special adhesive formulated to break or tear easily upon any attempt to remove the tape cleanly. This leaves a visible tear or residue on the box or tape, indicating tampering.

  • Colour-Shifting Security Features (Optional): Some ProAmpac® tapes incorporate advanced security features like inks that change colour when tampered with. This could reveal a hidden message or a drastic colour shift, alerting you to a potential breach.

Identifying Tampering Attempts on ProAmpac® Closures:

While specifics may differ based on the chosen ProAmpac® security features, here’s a breakdown of common signs to watch out for:

  • Physical Damage: Look closely for any tears, punctures, cuts, or abrasions on the box or tape itself. These could indicate attempts to open the package forcefully. Pay particular attention to the edges of the box where tampering might be more easily concealed.

  • Distorted KeepSafe® Logos: Any distortion, smearing, or blurring of the black KeepSafe® logos could be a sign of tampering with solvents or heat. These attempts to remove the tape without triggering the void message would likely damage the logos.

  • Unexpected Colour Changes: Be wary if the tape’s colour appears different than expected or reveals a hidden message upon close inspection, especially if colour-shifting security features are present.

  • Residue Discrepancies: Certain ProAmpac® tapes might leave a distinct residue upon removal. If the residue appears uneven, patchy, or missing in sections, particularly around the KeepSafe® logos, it could be a sign of tampering.

  • “Stop” Messages (Optional): Some advanced ProAmpac® systems might incorporate a pressure-sensitive “stop” message that becomes visible if the tape is subjected to excessive force during removal. This would be a clear indicator of tampering.

Referencing the Tamper-Evident Closure Guide.

This guide will provide detailed information and visuals specific to the tamper-evident closure system used on your package. By comparing the visual cues on your package with the guide’s descriptions and illustrations, you can gain a clearer understanding of whether tampering has occurred, especially if it’s a ProAmpac® system. The guide also showcases additional security features specific to the ProAmpac® closure used on your package.

Taking Action if Tampering is Suspected:

  • Do not open the package. Opening a tampered package could further compromise the contents or destroy evidence that could be helpful in resolving the issue.

  • Contact the Sender Immediately. Inform them of your concerns and provide details about the suspected tampering signs you observed, focusing on any anomalies with the KeepSafe® logos or other ProAmpac® security features. The more specific you are, the easier it will be for the sender to investigate the issue.

  • Follow the Sender’s Instructions. They may advise you to return the package unopened or arrange for a replacement. Depending on the severity of the situation and the value of the contents, they might also suggest filing a report with the shipping carrier.

  • Report the Incident (Optional). Depending on the severity of the situation, you might want to report the incident to the shipping carrier or law enforcement if you suspect criminal activity. This is especially important if the tampering seems deliberate or the contents are valuable.

Here are some extra pointers:

  • Be Proactive, Not Reactive. Familiarize yourself with common tamper-evident security features, especially those specific to ProAmpac® systems, before receiving a package. Having a basic understanding of these features will allow you to identify potential breaches quickly and efficiently.

  • Educate Yourself on Different Tampering Methods. While ProAmpac® offers a robust system, being aware of common tampering methods can further enhance your vigilance. Learn about techniques like:

  • Forceful Entry: This involves physically breaking open the box or using tools to cut through the tape.

  • Freezing: Some may attempt to freeze the adhesive to weaken it and remove the tape without triggering the void message.

  • Heat Manipulation: Applying heat to the tape can also weaken the adhesive and potentially damage the KeepSafe® logos.

  • Solvent Attacks: Using solvents to dissolve the adhesive is another tampering method, although it would likely leave residue and potentially damage the logos.

  • Maintain a Well-Lit Inspection Area. Having good lighting will allow you to thoroughly inspect the package and tape closure for any subtle signs of tampering, especially regarding the KeepSafe® logos and residue patterns.

  • Document Everything. If you suspect tampering, take clear photos of the package from various angles, showcasing any damage, distorted logos, or residue discrepancies. This documentation will be crucial when reporting the issue to the sender or authorities.

  • Trust Your Instincts. If something about the package just feels “off,” don’t hesitate to err on the side of caution. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Safeguarding Your Deliveries: The Final Word

By following these guidelines and remaining vigilant, you can play a vital role in safeguarding your deliveries. Remember, a little awareness and proactive approach can go a long way in protecting your belongings and ensuring peace of mind, especially when dealing with packages secured by ProAmpac®’s tamper-evident closure systems. With a bit of knowledge and a keen eye, you can become a guardian of your deliveries, ensuring they arrive safely and securely.

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