10 offices for organisational inspiration
Office Inspiration

10 offices for organisational inspiration

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Whether you work from home or run a business, your office interior can have a big impact on your organisation and productivity. Keeping everything in order can transform a space and make your processes more efficient.

Take a look at these office interiors and be inspired by the innovative hints and tips on how to be organised at work:

Shelving solutions


Streamlining your workplace means keeping it simple, accessible and comfortable. This warm, relaxed office features exposed wooden features and simple shelving units that gives a stripped back, functional, yet homely feel to the space.

Maximise space


The key to a breezy open plan office like this one is lots of space, light and no clutter. Under desk storage has been used to maximise effect and keep mess to a minimum.

Filing systems


Painted bricks and bright windows combine to make this a relaxed, welcoming office environment. To create a similar atmosphere in your workplace, keep all of your important documents out of the way with filing cabinets.

Storage boxes


A big part of successful office organisation is having a place for your older records. For a bright, and neat office use storage boxes to archive and store your paperwork.

Whiteboard planning


Having a brainstorm area where your team can bounce around ideas is a great way to pool knowledge, get creative and save time on internal communications. Central to these session is the whiteboard, where you can share your ideas and organise everyone’s thoughts.

Organised work desk


When you’re working from home, it’s easy to let your office tidiness slip. Use a smart desk organiser to keep all of your documents in their rightful place and never lose time searching for paperwork again.

Stationery storage


Stationery is an important part of a working day, but it can easily contribute to clutter if you don’t stay sharp. A pen holder will keep everything contained and tidy, and can add a little creative flair depending on your choice.

Home office shelving


Shelving and storage are essential in any fully functional home office. A tidy storage system will help to avoid misplacing important documents and a shelving installation can help to create a fun, eye-catching feature that will keep you inspired as you work.

Stock up your supplies


Notebooks, pens and paper are essential for jotting down ideas, your thoughts and keeping you on track with your work. When you start working from home it’s easy to forget that you have to provide your own office supplies. We recommend stocking up and keeping a record of the items you use, so you’ll never be without them.

Organise your day


Help yourself stay focused with a home office whiteboard. Pin ideas to it, write up notes and reminders as well as the plans for your working day to help you stay on schedule.

Whatever the set-up of your office, organisation is crucial to help you keep things running smoothly. So make sure that you have everything you need to make it a productive and orderly space to work in.