Office ideas for an inspiring breakroom
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Office ideas for an inspiring breakroom

Having the right balance of fun, creativity and inspiration is important in a working office – get it wrong and you could be sacrificing productivity as well as team morale. The same applies to breakout areas and kitchen spaces, as employees need somewhere to relax, relieve stress and even work collaboratively.

With our ever-evolving ways of working, such as the recent uptake in hot-desking, offices need to be able to adapt without forgoing quality and employee happiness.

For the main breakout areas, creating an inspiring space doesn’t need to be difficult. Here are some ideas of office designs you could implement into your workplace.

Make the lunchroom feel like home

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We spend a lot of time at work, so it makes sense to create a little piece of home within the office. Lunchrooms are the perfect place to add a few homely touches, as employees will gather here to chat, catch up and even have informal meetings. It may also encourage more desk-bound workers to take a break for lunch, which is important for well-being and relieving stress.

Brightly coloured accessories and some comfy seating are some of the ways you can incorporate a relaxed feeling into your office design.


Give greenery a go

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If you’re looking to inject some life into your office while increasing productivity, plant life may be the way to go. A study by the University of Exeter in 2013 found that office plants helped boost employee productivity and well-being by 47%. On top of this, research by Texas University also found that plants can increase creative ideas by 15%.

A great way to add some personality and greenery into your office breakroom is to include a living wall. Not only will it go towards helping improve productivity, but a living wall can create a focal point in surroundings which may otherwise feel a little sterile.


Get everyone on board with a whiteboard wall

" width= Brainstorms are a useful way to generate ideas from colleagues, but if you’re chairing a meeting in a dull and corporate space, it can feel less than inspiring. Painting a wall in your breakroom, or wherever you choose to have your idea sessions, with specialist whiteboard paint can be great way to get everyone involved and form a more creative workspace.

Employees will be able to see the ideas which have already been discussed and form new ideas off the back of this. By using whiteboard pens, you’ll be able to simply wipe the wall down and start the whole process again when needed. The same thing can be done with colourful post-it notes if you’re unable to paint a wall.

Play table tennis at lunch

" width= While it may sound counter-productive, an office ping pong table can actually boost productivity and strategic thinking. It is said to increase concentration, so letting your staff have a quick 15-minute break to enjoy a game, or allowing staff some time to play during their lunch break can actually help them focus. It also acts as a way to relieve stress and can bring employees together.


Creating an inspiring office design for your company doesn’t need to be difficult. It can be achieved with a few simple changes – in turn, this could go a long way to helping improve productivity.