Protect Your Mental Health and Productivity Whilst Working from Home

Protect Your Mental Health and Productivity Whilst Working from Home

Working at home has become the new normal for a number of businesses around the world, and whether you are living alone, with housemates or with a family, it can be stressful and take a toll on your mental health. It’s important you look after yourself during this time, and Staples are here to guide you and help take care of your routine as we adjust to the new normal.

Develop a Routine/Structure Your Day

Working from home looks like it could become the new normal and it’s important you develop and keep a structured routine day to day to boost your productivity levels. It’s easy to become lazy and stop your good habits as you work from home, whether that be waking up early or getting a morning run or workout in, especially as the colder months arrive.

Instill some positivity into your day and start as you would with a normal day of work as this will keep you in routine and keep you feeling productive for the rest of your day. Continue waking up early, ensure you have a good breakfast, and get out of those pyjamas! It also become very easy to fall into a routine of working till late in the evening or even logging on really early in the morning but it’s important to not let your work consume you. Take a break from your home office and know when it’s time to log off.

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Setting Up Your Home Office

Set up your home office in a comfortable environment and somewhere where you can embrace natural light, this will make it a brighter environment for you to work in, with the added benefit of having some scenery to admire whilst you are working hard!

Although with days getting shorter, it gets darker quickly and it’s important you have good lighting in your home office to prevent eye aches and headaches as the day goes on.

It’s also a good idea to have ergonomic office products, like a comfy height adjustable chair, a proper office desk, a comfortable keyboard and mouse, and maybe even a foot stool. Remember, this could be our new normal even after the Covid-19 pandemic, so why not set up for the long term!

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Take a break and stay connected

Like every office, the communal areas and kitchen were always a place to socialise and take a break to connect with your colleagues. With the transition to working from home, this element is difficult to uphold, so it’s important that you are getting off your seat, taking a break from your screen and also catching up with your colleagues virtually.

Staying connected with colleagues can have a really positive impact, especially on a rough day so invest in a good quality webcam and a headset to keep in touch from time to time. Think about having virtual breaks or lunches to stay connected!

Utilise Your Extra Time

Working from home means you no longer need to drive to and from work, or catch the train and leave the house early or the office late, but it doesn’t mean you should waste this time either. Try to fit in some productive activities into this time and make it part of your routine.

Use this extra time to do things that will keep you happy and take you away from your work. This could be some morning or evening exercising or yoga, reading a book before you log on or anything else you like to do that boosts your mood and wellness.

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Learn to Adapt

Working from home may be something that stays for the long term, even after the Covid-19 pandemic, so the sooner you are able to adapt to working from home using the tips above, the easier it becomes for you. Remember to keep a manageable routine, start your day with good habits, set up a home office, stay connected with your colleagues and protect your mental health.

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