Refresh Your Office on a Budget
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Refresh Your Office on a Budget

Offices can sometimes become cluttered and outdated, which doesn’t always give the right impression to clients or people visiting. A good way to bring your office back up to date is to give it a refresh.

You don’t need to spend a bank-breaking amount to freshen up your office – some slight tweaks or making more of what you already have can do the trick, and have your workplace looking like a new office.

Here are some things you can do to refresh your place of work:

Give the place a new look

By altering the layout of the furniture in your office, you can create a whole new look. Using one or two sofas as opposed to chairs in your reception area will give a more comfortable and welcoming feel to visitors.

Employees may also feel more proud of their workstation, and perhaps be more productive in their role if they are given a new desk and a good amount of filing space to keep all of their paperwork in. Introducing plants into the office can not only make the space look more attractive, but improve employee happiness and increase production by 15%[1].

If your company has a strong brand with a strong message, using photo frames containing brand images allows you to display them around the office without overburdening the walls.

Give the walls a lick of paint

Freshening up the office doesn’t need to be a big job, but by painting a few walls you can create the look of a whole new office. Colours such as blue, which is great for stimulating productivity, and a colour of security and comfort like beige will go a long way towards refreshing the space as well as promoting various positive emotions within employees. Stay away from colours such as green in conference areas and on the office floor as, while it does promote balance, it could have your employees dozing off.

If you do want to incorporate your brand’s colours into the space, try using one wall in the main reception area to display your brand name and colours. By using this here, visitors and clients will know exactly where they are but won’t be overpowered as they will not be in the area for that long.

Reorganise to organise

Organisation is key to making your office look new. By introducing cupboards for specific places such as the stationery and printing area, you can organise essential items and extra paper, making the whole area look a lot nicer and tidier.

Rearranging the furniture already in your office can also give the place a new energy. By moving desks towards natural sources of light and introducing a breakout area using extra furniture, you can create the impression of a whole new office space.

Gather up everything that is in the wrong place and put it back where it belongs, and think about moving items which are used more often than others closer to the people who need them.

Declutter the clutter

An effective way to rejuvenate your office is to get rid of all the clutter that is clogging up workspace. Investing in a good quality shredder will enable you and your employees to clear your workstation of any unwanted paperwork and make it organised. This will not only improve the way it looks, but improve productivity and efficiency.

In order to keep your desk looking clutter-free, invest in a desk tidy and letter tray. You could even mark up your letter tray with labels such as “to do” and “done”, and that way you can keep track of all your tasks and stay organised, avoiding descending into chaos again.

Check your stationery. It may sound odd but checking that staplers, pens and highlighters work can go a long way to clearing space – if it doesn’t work, get rid of it.

Freshening up the office can go a long way to not only improving the space – the overall look and the appeal it has – but it can also ensure you and your employees feel happier in the working environment.