The benefits of post-it art
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The benefits of post-it art

Turn an office essential into an inspirational artform with post-it note art. The humble post-it note is usually reserved for hastily scribbled notes and whiteboard presentations. In some offices, however, these colourful notepads are finding a new lease of life as a creative way to inspire and promote collaborative working.

From creative and colourful inspirational walls to re-creating popular cartoon characters, many workspaces are introducing post-it note wall art for inspiration.

Discover the benefits of post-it note art below.

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How to make post-it note art

Post-it notes aren’t just for organising – they’re also a great way to spark innovative ideas. If you work in a creative organisation, jotting down ideas or focus words and creatively sticking them across the wall can help to visualise campaigns and designs.

Using different coloured post-it notes can make the wall even more eye-catching, and your colleagues may benefit from this inspirational piece.

One of the most significant benefits of post-it notes is that you can literally put them up wherever in the office you want. Bring a pop of colour to meeting spaces, add flare to your lunchroom and create impressive artwork in your reception area, sticky notes really come into their own when used creatively as vibrant art tools.

If you’re making notes for inspiration, gather your team to get your best ideas written down. Once the notes are up on the wall in a stylistic way, your team can refer to them when working.

You may not even want to write notes on your wall art. Since sticky notes are available in an array of colours, it’s easy to use them to create cartoon or pixel-style images. It’s an affordable way to bring art into the workplace, and you can change it whenever you want.

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Uses of post-it note art

The great thing about post-it note art is that it isn’t limited in its uses. Here are a few ideas on how you can make the most of sticky note art in your workspace.

Idea meetings

If you and your team are working together on creating new and innovative ideas, post-it notes are a great way to get all your thoughts down in one place. Gather round a wall to bounce ideas off each other and write each one down. When you stick them on the wall in categories, it’s easy to see precisely what and how much you have come up with.


Sometimes it just takes one word or image to inspire others. Help keep your teams’ creative juices flowing by making a post-it art wall of your favourite words. If they ever find themselves stuck for inspiration they can simply walk over to the wall and read the notes.


Every business has key messages, mission statements and company values that are adhered to daily. Write down commonly used phrases and words used within your organisation so those in the office can pop over to quickly remind themselves. This is especially useful for those new to the business, as it’s a great way for them to learn more about your organisation.

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