What are the best pets for offices?

What are the best pets for offices?

3rd December 2019

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It’s a regularly recycled debate in many offices – whether to get an office pet. If you’re the owner of a small business, an office manager or someone who works from home, the idea of bringing an animal into your workplace has likely been brought to your attention.

For employees, an office pet can have a positive effect on work-life balance, reminding them to take necessary periods away from their desk. They also provide friendly company while working long hours.

There are many benefits to having an office pet, but it’s important to consider whether it’s right for your office before you take one in, as well as considering what sort of pet would be the right fit for your workplace." width=

The pros and cons of office pets

While the concept of office pets has become increasingly popular in recent years, there are pros and cons to consider before you bring an animal into any place of work.

Studies show that having a pet can reduce stress levels and increase productivity. They’re a great source of comfort and improve employee satisfaction. With an office pet, you could even benefit from a healthier, happier workforce who take fewer sick days.

However, while there are benefits to office pets, it’s important to consider the needs of everyone who works in your company. Whether it’s a result of a phobia or an allergy, some people might not want to share their space with a cat or dog, while others might just see it as something of a distraction. So before you bring a pet into your office, it’s vital that you consider whether it’s the right choice for your company.

The best office pets

If you’ve made the decision to bring in an office pet, the next step is to choose the right animal to become a part of your company.


Fish are attractive, low maintenance office pets that can either be on your desk or at the front of your office to welcome guests. While not physical companions, fish are hypoallergenic, making them a lower risk, easy choice.


The faithful pooch is the most popular pet in the UK, so will likely be the most welcome addition to your office. They come with a lot of responsibility, however, and someone would need to take care of them on outside office hours. But the look of unconditional love they give is sure to make the day a little brighter for everyone in the office.


Cats make a relatively easy to manage office pet. They may occasionally want to jump up on your desk to say hello, but cats generally like to keep to themselves, making them an easy-going office companion.


These small, scurrying creatures are commonly a first pet for millions of kids, so you can be sure they’ll be easy to care for in your office. They’re nocturnal, so may not want to be disturbed for much of the day, but they’re easy to hold and generally like to be stroked.


Lizards can be an uplifting addition to the workspace. Most are happy enough to be left alone but also appreciate when you do want to interact. They’re a great office pet that won’t take a lot of work but can add an exotic twist to your workplace.

Whether you’re looking to bring in an office pet or just want to make your office a generally happier, more productive place to be, discover more with the Staples Knowledge Centre.

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