Why you should colour block your office immediately
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Why you should colour block your office immediately

A lot can be said about the effects of colours – from making the rooms of our homes feel warmer to making a café or restaurant seem more welcoming. The same rule applies to an office. Whether it’s a home or a company workplace, colour can impact employee productivity, as well as mood.

According to Interaction, 80% of UK workers believe that colour does affect their how they feel at work. And with many of us spending a large proportion of our lives in the office, it makes sense to make the workplace a more colourful and inspiring space.

How to create colourful offices

Create colourful rooms

Colour block 1

If you’re looking to create an inspiring office space, colour co-ordinating certain rooms can divide areas while providing a striking visual impact to staff and visitors. Not only that, but colours could change the atmosphere of your office entirely. A study by the Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology at the University of Rochester, states colour can influence your mood, with different colours creating certain feelings within individuals.

According to Quill

  • Blue is said to create a sense a trust, communication and efficiency.
  • Yellow stimulates the mind to help ideas flow, increase creativity and productivity.
  • Both colours would be effective in areas where brainstorms take place or where high-energy is needed, such as the desk area.
  • Red is a great colour for places where physical activity is required – inject the shade into warehouses or postage rooms, as it can boost the heart rate and increase brain wave activity.

To ensure you’re creating a colourful workplace that improves the mood and productivity of your workforce, we suggest following carefully choosing the colours within your office.

Painting full walls

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Positive energy colours, such as blues and greens are the way to go when it comes to office decoration on a large scale. Painting entire walls in your home office or workplace can create cohesion across spaces, while making your office look interesting to clients. If you’re blocking out a full wall in colour, you’ll want to make sure it creates the right environment for your individual workspace.

If you’re looking at which colours to use for your office interior, Taskworld.com state that green helps you stay calm and efficient while blue is said to be the colour of productivity. So by painting an entire wall in either of these colours, you could help increase staff motivation. However, too much colour can have the opposite effect of what was intended, so be mindful that you’re not over decorating a space.

The psychological effects of colour can play a big role in our day-to-day working life, from making us feel more awake to boosting our energy-levels. If you’re after ways to decorate your office, looking into colour psychology and what it can do for your office environment can be a good place to start.

Add hints of colour

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When decorating your office, you don’t have to apply colour to every square inch. Spreading small accents of colour on open shelving units or across desks can help boost employee morale and productivity. Colourful files, staplers and other office accessories can go a long way to creating a brighter office space.

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