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Data Storage

Data Storage - Data Storage Devices to optimize your PC's performance. Buy Internal, Portable External Media Player Hard Drives.

Data Storage

Data Storage Storing data for backups and portability. Data storage is important when you need additional space beyond the capacity of your hard drive, or if you require data storage for backup purposes. We have a wide variety of storage options, including cloud and local storage solutions. Cloud storage is very popular and takes place via a commercial data centre, which can be accessed over the internet. Usually, you'll receive free limited storage and can upgrade by paying for a subscription, allowing you to benefit from peace of mind knowing your files and data are safe and sound. Cloud storage enables you to access your data from anywhere in the world where there's an internet connection. A wide range of local storage options. Choose an external hard drive to connect to your computer or laptop. These are portable and typically range in size from 160 gigabytes to 3 terabytes. They normally connect to your device via a USB cable. Solid-state drives (SSD) are another option commonly found in laptops and mobile devices. These very portable and typically range from 64 to 256 gigabytes and connect via a USB or SATA cable. You can also choose Network Attached Storage, which is basically a data storage server on a network that serves files and data through software, hardware, and configuration. These provide good data storage and are great for businesses that need to make local backups. Alternatively, use a USB thumb or flash drive, which are extremely portable and fairly robust. These will often store around 4 to 64 gigabytes of data. Optical disc drives, including CDs and DVDs, are also popular for small amounts of data storage. These are typically used for storing music, films, and software. Choose your data storage medium and order online.

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