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Data Tape

Use our selection of data tapes for a longer term storage solution for business data and other large data backups for your business.

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Data Tape


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HP Ultrium LTO-6 2.5TB Data Cartridge - C7976A

HP Ultrium LTO-6 Data Cartridge with 2.5TB Space - C7976A

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Product code: 101-1903

£38.45 ex. VAT

£46.14 inc. VAT

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HP Ultrium LTO-4 1.6TB Data Cartridge - C7974A

HP Ultrium LTO-4 1.6TB Rewriteable Data Cartridge - C7974A

In Stock  In Stock, Available to order
Product code: 266-3911

£45.76 ex. VAT

£54.91 inc. VAT

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HP Ultrium LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge - C7978A

HP Ultrium Universal LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge for 8mm Drives - C7978A

In Stock  In Stock, Available to order
Product code: C7978A

£148.43 ex. VAT

£178.12 inc. VAT

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HP 3TB LTO-5 Ultrium Rewritable Data Cartridge - C7975A

HP LTO-5 Ultrium Rewritable Data Cartridge with 3TB Capacity - C7975A

In Stock  In Stock, Available to order
Product code: 798-4231

£35.05 ex. VAT

£42.06 inc. VAT

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Data Tape

Our selection of data tape provides a good solution for long-term data storage. Data storage and data recovery are critical for many businesses. However, when you need to make large backups, CDs, DVDs, and data sticks often don't provide enough storage capacity. This is when data tape comes in useful. Using this storage medium, you can carry out data storage and large backups on a daily basis. Data tape can accommodate up to one terabyte of uncompressed data, which is usually more than what hard disks in most computers can store. This makes it an excellent choice when it comes to storing and archiving your data. Data tape has many significant advantages including easy storage, reliability, cost-effective and simple and secure replication. The majority of tape formats have a large storage capacity, yet they're usually small and compact in size, making them easy to store in your business. Tape cartridges offer companies an effective way of carrying out system backups without needing an entire room equipped with server hardware. Data tape isn't especially vulnerable to damage, so it can reliably store data for many years without decaying or becoming corrupted. All that's required is protection from excess humidity and temperature extremes. Data tape is cost-effective to buy and use, which makes it an affordable long-term solution. It's easy to make authorised copies of tape backups and many formats feature an encryption facility for increased security. Meaning that it’s easy to produce encrypted backups that you can have on hand in case any data becomes corrupted. When it comes to the cost per megabyte of data, why not invest in one of the most cost-effective forms of data storage available? In addition, you'll also benefit from data tapes because they can be used and erased several times. Order your data tape online today to take advantage of Staples next day delivery to get your order delivered direct to your door or business address.