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Bluetooth Headsets

Experience the freedom of wireless Bluetooth technology when making phone calls or taking part in video calls with our range of Bluetooth Headsets.

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Bluetooth Headsets


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Jabra Evolve 65 UC Duo Bluetooth Headset 52659

Jabra Evolve 65 UC Duo Wireless PC Headset 52659

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Product code: 6010421

£102.35 ex. VAT

£122.82 inc. VAT

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Jabra Engage 65 MS Duo Bluetooth Headset - 52657

Jabra Engage 65 MS Duo Bluetooth Headset. Optimised for Microsoft Skype for Business - 52657

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Product code: 6010422

£105.00 ex. VAT

£126.00 inc. VAT

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Jabra Stealth UC Bluetooth Headset 53336

Jabra Stealth UC Bluetooth Headset 53336. With an incredibly subtle design, the Jabra Stealth is the perfect combination between quality and functionality. Up to 6 hours talk time. Bluetooth Headset.

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Product code: 6010423

£73.05 ex. VAT

£87.66 inc. VAT

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Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth Headsets Go wireless and check out our latest Bluetooth Headsets today. Bluetooth technology was initially invented for transferring data between two devices, normally mobile phones, over short distances without the use of cables. In those early days, groups of friends would meet up, put their mobiles on the table and share data. Everything from photographs to ringtones could be passed around quickly and easily. Although highly successful, things didn't go quite so well when it came to using the same technology in Bluetooth headsets. There are other types of wireless headsets available, but they require a transmitter and aren't as secure as basic Bluetooth headsets. Improved technology and superior sound quality. Not designed for streaming the latest music from your iPod, tablet, or MP3 player, the sound quality was initially so poor, most music listeners passed them by in favour of wired headsets. Since then, technology has greatly improved. In order to tap into the lucrative audio streaming market with Bluetooth headsets, manufacturers developed an advanced audio distribution profile. With Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0, they introduced aptX codec technology. Although connecting devices need to be able to support aptX, with these additions, the latest headsets can easily compete with wired headsets and are capable of producing high-quality CD-level audio. It's time to take another look at Bluetooth headsets. If you're a person who's more productive working while listening to quality reproduced background music, or if you want to game while the family is watching television, the latest generation of Bluetooth headsets could be just what you need. With no wires to connect or disconnect and no risk of wires getting tangled in work tools or machinery, going wireless with Bluetooth headsets can also help improve workplace safety.

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