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OHP Transparency Film

Present images and text in much clearer and crisper quality when using a Projector with our selection of OHP Transparency Film.

OHP Transparency Film

OHP Transparency Film and Paper Products to help you make a professional impression. If you're giving a presentation, or perhaps using a projector and overhead slides, our range of OHP transparency film will help make a professional impression by presenting text and images in an easy-to-read, clear format. Our transparency film is an ideal choice for every kind of writing or printing need when creating overhead slides. You'll find transparency paper in different thicknesses to suit your needs, but a good benchmark is around 100 microns. Then, for example, all you'll need to do is create your documents on your computer and run them off using your printer to deliver high-quality results and make a strong impression. High-quality finishes that offer reliable performance. The majority of OHP transparency film is made from clear polyester and is enhanced with a special coating. This means that when you run it through your printer, it will dry very quickly without smudging or running of the ink. This helps to improve efficiency and saves you from getting involved in costly reprints. Benefit from products that offer high-resolution printing. In terms of dpi, top-performing products offer around 9600 dpi that provide clear and legible results. Also, thanks to the quality of the OHP transparency film we carry, intense heat, often caused by overhead projectors, won't affect the durability of the film. It will keep its shape, staying flat, so you can use it time after time. If you're printing in colour, you'll get brilliant results will all types of ink. Check out our great choice of transparency film and order the quantities you need here today.

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