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Pallet Wrap

Effective wrapping to use with pallets

Pallet wrap is a durable, stretchy and protective wrapping that's ideal for use in warehouses and shipping or storage areas. It's primarily intended to keep products intact when they're stored and shipped on pallets, but also offers a smooth surface for labelling and attaching documentation as part of the consignment. Choose pallet wrap in various widths and diameters. It's usually supplied on rolls, with smaller rolls being popular for low-volume use in small businesses. These are typically 2-5 inches wide and are easy to dispense manually for smooth, effective wrapping. Wider rolls are ideal for larger operations and high-volume applications. These rolls are typically used with a dispensing tool or machine and are longer lasting compared to smaller rolls.

Hand-grade and machine-grade options

Choose hand-grade pallet wrap rolls of up to 18 inches in width for dispensing manually. Alternatively, choose rolls of 20 inches in width or greater, which are classed as machine-grade, for effective machine wrapping, speeding up operations and reducing waste. Some pallet wrap rolls are suitable for both hand and machine dispensing. Choose products that are "cast produced", offering high levels of clarity and high tensile strength. Also, choose "blown" rolls, which offer a high resistance to puncturing and are especially suited to cold environments. You'll find different colours of pallet wrap here online, with blue, transparent or black options available to suit your individual purposes. Order pallet wrap in single rolls or packs of multiples and buy in bulk if you need to, ensuring your business never runs out of this essential wrapping.


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