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Shrink Wrap

Protective wrapping for storage and shipments.

Shrink wrapping involves using plastic film and wrapping it around objects and foods, offering protection and preservation. Here, you'll find shrink wrap for your use in your home as well as your business. The products in our range can be used in several ways. For example, you can place small items in a shrink wrap bag, which can then be heated with a portable heat gun to create a seal. Other items can be shrink wrapped using wrap from tubes, which come in different lengths and sizes. Businesses that regularly use this type of wrapping material to seal and secure products can automate the process with a shrink wrapping machine that can wrap, heat, and seal, all in one go. This makes shrink wrap a convenient alternative to other types of wrapping, like bubble wrap, and it's a handy solution when used in conjunction with pallets.

The advantages of using Shrink Wrap.

Using shrink wrapping supplies can bring many advantages for different industries. This easy-to-use product has many benefits, including:

  • Protection, especially when heated to create a seal, which can help safeguard items from damage caused by dirt, dust, and moisture. Some wraps are also UV resistant to protect items from the sun.
  • Durability, making it hard to tear or puncture. Shrink wrap is also resistant to loosening and sagging.
  • Tamper-resistance, with waterproof and weatherproof qualities, as it's made from polymer plastic film.
  • Affordability, providing cost-effective packaging and minimising the need for additional items, like boxes.
  • Preservation, helping to conserve foods, with food-grade shrink wrap available as an option.

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