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Stick with confidence using different Tapes.

Tapes are essential products in the home and office for sticking, sealing, and securing a wide range of items, including envelopes, boxes, and more. You can also use the varieties in our selection for professional and industrial purposes. There are many different types of tape to choose from. You'll find everything you need in our range of tapes to keep your business, home, classroom, factory, or warehouse running smoothly. Some tapes work well with dispensers, while others can be cut simply with scissors. From heavy-duty varieties to basic sellotape, as well as double-sided and invisible kinds, you can choose your ideal sealing products from our selection.

A wide choice of popular tapes to choose from.

Some of the popular tapes in our range include:

  • Masking tape: An easy-to-remove tape with different adhesive strengths for many purposes, like DIY projects and quick sealing of containers.
  • Packaging tape: An ideal tape for sealing and sending parcels of all kinds.
  • Mounting tape: A double-sided foam adhesive product that comes in many sizes and is used for mounting items, like signs. These can be found in both permanent and removable varieties.
  • HVAC tape: These are waterproof solutions for both professional contractors and DIYers. This tape can bond with flexible and rigid materials.
  • Painting tape: This tape sticks to walls and is used to protect certain areas while painting. It can also be removed easily for convenience.
  • Duct tape: A heavy-duty product for repairs, crafts, and DIY projects.
  • Stationery tape: Suitable for many applications, this tape can be found with a glossy or non-glossy finish. Stationary tape can also be found in double-sided varieties too.

Check out our comprehensive selection of tapes and order everything you need online here. We'll deliver your order to your home or business.

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