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Anisha Joshi

8th November 2023

With autumn bringing shorter days and wetter and gloomier weather, workers are more likely to sit indoors all day long with little movement. This is especially true for hybrid and remote workers, who are more inclined to remain sedentary throughout the entire day. If they are sitting with poor form, they are more susceptible to aches, pains, and long-term wellness issues.

More staff are working this way now that hybrid has become the norm for most businesses here in the UK. A recent report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that 83% of organisations have hybrid working in place, and a fifth (20%) are seeking to put in place additional measures or investment to enable more hybrid or homeworking in the next six to 12 months. With more customers investing in their home setups, resellers are seeing a major opportunity to offer their customers ergonomic solutions that support physical wellbeing and productivity while working from home.

In response to this demand, Leitz developed a range of stylish yet functional ergonomic solutions with the home worker in mind. The Leitz Ergo range’s stools, sitting balls, laptop risers, seat cushions, footrests, monitor stands, desktop risers, and wrist and keyboard rests provide all the wellbeing benefits of traditional ergonomic solutions, but are design-forward to complement rather than detract from the home workspace’s décor. The range was awarded with the prestigious German Design Award in 2022, and most of its products were tested and recommended by the German IGR – Institute for Health and Ergonomics.

Leitz has partnered with award-winning osteopath and wellbeing influencer Anisha Joshi to truly put these products to the test. Joshi, known as @osteoanisha on Instagram, is co-owner of Osteoallies Clinics, recipient of the prestigious Principal Osteopath of the Year Award, a regular commentator in print and television, and trusted by celebrities and high-profile athletes. She is also an advocate for workday wellbeing, consistently advising her clients and social media followers to incorporate more movement into their day and offering advice for staying healthy while working at a desk all day long.

Given her expertise and her respect in her field, Leitz asked Joshi to try out various solutions from the Ergo Cosy range and provide her honest feedback. Here are the top 5 products she recommends, and those offering the greatest sales opportunity for resellers:

1.Foot Rests

Ankle stiffness from lack of movement can predispose workers to getting conditions like plantar fasciitis, Achilles Tendinopathy, and other lower limb aches and pains. Adjustable foot rests provide a simple way to promote healthy circulation and support back and leg comfort through gentle movement in the lower legs.

Joshi was a big fan of Leitz’s foot rest, saying: “The Leitz Cosy Ergo Rocking Footrest is one of my favourite, and the reason is because it promotes movement through your ankles, knees, and calves whilst you’re working. This is really good for circulation in your lower limbs and will help to keep your feet from getting stiff throughout the day. The Leitz Cosy Ergo Rocking Footrest helps to keep your ankle joint and all the muscles that attach onto it moving, reducing achy feet. Plus, it’s super soft and lightweight. So small yet so good for you!”

2. Stools

Sitting stationary all day is bad for posture, and can lead to aches, pains, and long-term back issues. The ERGO Cosy’s sit-stand stools allow the flexibility to move between sitting and standing while working, encouraging muscle movement, improving posture and increasing energy levels. The stool features a rounded base to encourage active movement by swivelling and rocking while working, helping to strengthen one’s back.  

The stool also passed Joshi’s tests, helping to address one of the main pain points she advises her clients about. She said: “I love the Active Sit Stand Stool because it does the one thing I always shout about. Promotes movement at your desk! It allows the flexibility to move between sitting and standing while you work, and it is this movement that helps reduce your aches and pains.

3. Seat Cushions

That said, some workers might require more back support than a stool provides or prefer their existing desk chair. Others may still be working from their dining tables or kitchen counter out of lack of designated office space at home. Thankfully, it is possible to reap ergonomic benefits no matter the chair with the simple addition of a seat cushion.

Designed to promote a healthy posture, improve circulation and relieve spinal pressure, Leitz Cosy’s wobble cushions help to significantly reduce the discomfort, fatigue and stiffness that can result from extended periods of sitting or health conditions such as sciatica. These products are for use anywhere you sit, whether it be at home, in the office, or even in the car. While these cushions are not yet available and will be released into the market in October 2023, Leitz asked Joshi to be one of the first to try one out. She said: “The Leitz Ergo Cosy Wobble Cushion is fantastic quality which enables you to both sit and stand on it. This is a fantastic way to maintain movement and shift your weight bearing throughout your day which will no doubt reduce back pain.

4. Desk Converters

Of course, the ideal solution for combatting the issues caused by long periods of sitting is to stand up and move throughout the day. But on a busy workday, time slips away and this may not always be possible. A great way to encourage less sitting is by having a desk that can be adjusted to standing height. Leitz Ergo Cosy range’s standing desk converters are lightweight, compact and height adjustable, and their simple flexibility makes it easy to adjust one’s workstation between sitting and standing. This particular feature stood out for Joshi: “‘Not everyone has the space or money for a good quality standing desk at home. The Leitz Cosy Ergo Sit Stand Desk Converter is a reasonably priced alternative that fits on most desks. This has been hugely popular with my patients in clinic and of course myself at home!

5. Laptop Risers

But there’s more to good form than incorporating movement, and it is important to prioritise good posture even when sitting stationary. When working at a desk, the laptop screen should be eye level to prevent hunching. A laptop riser helps raise the screen to the proper height to help avoid back and neck pain.

Leitz’s range scored points with Joshi for its portability, making it the perfect solution for hybrid working arrangements. “The Leitz Cosy Ergo laptop riser is adjustable and sturdy to carry heavy laptops and bring them to eye level whilst working. It also fits in my rucksack to take it into clinic.” Overall, the range earned sterling reviews from Joshi following her tests. “For the first time in ages, I’m seeing really good quality solutions that are evidence-based to ensure that you’re able to keep to your work deadlines but also keep moving. We know that lack of movement is one of the main causes of back and neck pain. I personally use the Leitz Cosy Ergo range at home to ensure I don’t get any aches or pains. Game changing.”

In the meantime, to learn more about Leitz Cosy Ergo and view the existing range of products, visit us here!

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