Coronavirus – Working from Home Tips

12th August 2020

4 Minutes

The pandemic has forced us to change our lifestyle and habits. One of the most important is the transfer of work to home – it forces us to rearrange our home and established rhythm of the day. Learn some tips for working from home effectively that will help you find yourself in a home office mode!

Working from Home – Tips

Many of us may find it difficult to clearly separate the private and professional life when working from home.  Bad time management makes us feel as if we were still at work – and the house is no longer a place of relaxation, freedom and well-deserved rest. In the long run, such a situation can be a cause of stress and frustration – so it’s worth taking care of organizing work at your home office as soon as possible. What are the best working from home tips that will make it less stressful and tiresome? They may seem trivial, but it’s worth putting them into practice as soon as possible.

Firstly, make sure that the professional and private zones are clearly separated – both in terms of time and space. If you have to work e.g. 8 hours a day, set a fixed time interval devoted to company responsibilities. During this time, you shouldn’t take care of the house – even if you think that collecting laundry or cooking dinner takes ‘just a moment’. Household chores – mixed with work responsibilities – not only disturb, but also keep you from completing your tasks on time. As a result, the work drags on and it often happens that you finish a project or send emails in the evening – at a time that would normally be reserved for rest or contact with your family.

The same goes for work space at home. Here, working from home tips actually boils down to just one: try to designate a specific workplace and separate it from the area intended for rest. Of course, the ideal solution is to have a separate room (study). However, if you don’t have such a luxury, at least try to keep your work corner separated from the rest of the living room – you can use for example a screen or an office cabinet.

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Working from Home: Tips on Space Planning

Make sure your workplace is as comfortable as possible. Perhaps the situation forces you to refurnish the flat, e.g. buy a new desk or office chair. Double-check if the furniture is large enough, comfortable and suited to your height.

Avoid an uncomfortable place that is not suitable for work, e.g. on the sofa, in an armchair or at a small coffee table. Even if quarantine and work from home is only a temporary solution, it is not worth risking, e.g. back pains. Also remember that an uncomfortable position – e.g. slouching or using a laptop on your lap has a negative effect on health and weakens your ability to concentrate. As a result, your work becomes less efficient and you can no longer look at your once-favourite couch the same again.

Choose an office chair with a comfortable seat, backrest, headrest and armrests. An appropriate chair will make it easier to maintain correct posture.

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Tips for Working from Home Effectively: How to Not Waste Time?

Do you have the impression that during the day you just fiddle your time and the work from home seems more tiresome? We gathered the tips that will help you control your time:

  • Take short but regular breaks. For example, after each hour worked, get away from the computer for 5 minutes: walk around the house or go to the balcony.
  • Turn off sound and notifications on your phone. Did you know that during 8 hours of work we look at our phones unconsciously several dozens of times? Facebook friends status updates can definitely wait.
  • Set priorities and a list of tasks for each day. It should contain one main task of the day (which you devote the most time and attention to), and several (4-5) minor ones. Don’t delay tasks and don’t move them to the next day without a reason.
  • Check in advance whether you have what you need to work prepared (for example, replenish the office supplies, paper or ink in the printer, beforehand – so that the sudden lack of them does not surprise you during work).

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