How To Clean Your Oven

Oven Getting Cleaned

6th July 2023

A task that can often be overlooked is cleaning your oven. Ovens often harbor bacteria and grease that gets leftover from the food we cook inside of them. Having a clean oven is essential for a long lasting and efficient oven that produces quality tasty food.

How Often To Clean Your Oven

How often you clean your oven is totally dependent on how often you’re using it. As a rule of thumb it is recommended to give your oven a deep clean every three to six months, however if you’re your oven multi times a day this could be every month.

How To Clean Inside Your Oven

To start with, you’ll want to work on the inside of your oven where most of the spillages and grime will be. Whilst cleaning your oven make sure that you are opening your kitchen windows, wearing rubber gloves and a face covering to avoid any irritation from the potent chemicals that are used. You’ll also want to consult you ovens manual to check if there are areas of your oven that should not be sprayed with cleaning solutions as they may damage it.

Use An Oven Cleaner

Using an oven cleaner is the most common and effective way to ensure bacteria and grime is removed from inside of your oven. You’ll want to start by removing any pieces of food or crumbs that may have fallen off of their baking trays during cooking and throwing these away. Then remove the racks and trays from the oven. You’ll then want to spray the oven cleaner into the interior and leave for around 25 – 30 minutes to allow the cleaner to lift the stains. You’ll then want to wipe the solution away with a cloth, which will remove the grime and leave your oven sparkling clean.

Use Your Ovens Self-Cleaning Function

Another option that you have is to use a self-cleaning function if your oven has one. This is a great option if you’re doing a full kitchen clean as this allows you to focus on other areas of the kitchen whilst your oven cleans itself. Varying by oven most ovens will require a manual wipe down inside after a self-clean. Make sure that you consult your ovens manual when using a self-cleaning feature.

Clean Your Oven Racks

Finally, you’ll want to give the racks inside of your oven a clean. You’ll want to start by running hot water and mix with some dishwashing soap and then leave your racks to soak, leaving them overnight will give you the best results. If your sink is not big enough for this task you can also use your bathtub however your tub may need wiping down after this due to the grime from the racks. Once you’ve soaked your racks scrub them to make sure any leftover residue is removed, dry them and return to the oven.

Don’t Forget Outside Your Oven

After cleaning the inside of the oven make sure that you’re giving the same TLC to the rest of it. Ideal for this task is a general kitchen cleaner such as Dettol Kitchen Cleaner. Using a spray like this means that you save time as it’s a one spray for all.

Cleaning Your Hob

When cleaning your hob spray the cleaner directly onto your hob and leave for around 10-15 minutes to allow the cleaner to work on any stains. You’ll then wipe down with a cloth until any grease and grime has been removed and a shiny fresh surface is left behind. Cleaning your hob should be done whenever it gets dirty to ensure that your cooking station stays hygienic.

Cleaning Your Oven Front

When cleaning the front of your oven make sure to spray the solution onto your cloth when wiping down any knobs to avoid the solution jamming or damaging the knobs. You’ll also want to clean the glass door on your oven to finish off. Just spray the solution onto your door and wipe down until there are no stains left.

Whilst cleaning your oven, and kitchen as a whole, can seem like a huge task, at Staples we have everything you need to help ensure that your home or workplace stays clean. Our range of Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies will have everything you need to keep your space clean and tidy.

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