How to Create a Positive Work Atmosphere with Small Changes

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21st May 2020

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Little effort, great effect.

positive work atmosphere not only creates identification and well-being – it has an effect on work motivation and cooperation. In order to improve the office atmosphere, however, doesn’t require a complete renovation. Through just a few small changes, the workspaces can become much more appealing.

We spend most of our day at work. A beautiful working environment is not only important for greater well-being, but also for the performance potential of the employees. Especially for the younger generation, working environment is often a key deciding factor in their choice of employer. To make employees feel at home in the office and have optimal working conditions, there are a few small measures that can immediately improve the work atmosphere.

Light and colour lift the mood

Colours can positively influence our mood and well-being. The same applies to work spaces. Monotonous white or grey tires not only the eyes, but also the mind. Targeted colour accents through wall painting, furniture or colourful stationery set visual highlights that can really shake our head. Fresh and activating colours are suitable for the workspaces. Soothing, muted colours are ideal for break rooms. But take care not to get too colourful, doing so makes the environment seem rather chaotic and distracts from the work. In addition to the colours, the right lighting is important for concentration and performance. Especially during the winter months, LED daylight lamps work wonders on your desk. They keep the head awake and help support concentration.

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The right amount of structure

It sounds surprising, but a clear structure also ensures a better working environment. Having a uniform and well-structured organizational system where everything is at hand, has a stress-reducing effect on the employees. The workflow is not constantly interrupted by annoying searching and the working time may be extended unnecessarily. Overcrowded desks also don’t create creative chaos, as is often assumed. On the contrary, the over-stimulation in the work area makes concentrated work more difficult.

Plants help us breathe better

Plants have several positive effects on the work atmosphere: they convert the emitted CO2 of the employees into oxygen, filter pollutants and dampen the sound. They are also natural humidifiers – this helps with heat in summer and in winter with dry air. The more plants the better for concentration and productivity. But the colour green can do even more. It is decorative, makes rooms more comfortable and even the sight of it has a vitalizing and energizing effect. Depending on the type of plant, the air-enhancing properties vary. The green lily, dragon tree and Kentia palm really help with removing pollutants whilst being extremely easy to care for.Corner office with wall of plants

Creating Personal retreats

Sitting behind the computer all day in the same position harms not only the back, but you’re your concentration. Therefore, additional standing desks or small seating areas that allow you to change from time to time at the workplace are important for a clear head and daily work performance.

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