How to properly clean your workspace

cleaning desk

31st August 2018

1 Minute

Your desk is where you get work done, but if it’s not clean it could be hurting your productivity. Desks can harbour dirt and germs that can make you sick or damage your equipment. Yet only a third of us clean them regularly, and one in ten don’t clean them all—you know who you are! Instead of risking your health (and your office reputation), take these steps to keep things clean.

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how to clean your workspace

The most important step

A clean work area can boost productivity, but if your hands are dirty then it seriously reduces the effects of your efforts! Good hand hygiene—wet, lather, scrub, rinse, dry—helps you stay healthy and stops the spread of germs. Be sure to browse Staples washroom solutions in partnership with Katrin  to find the best soap and hand towels that make washing hands easy and convenient.


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