How to Welcome a New Employee to the Team

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18th May 2020

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Whenever a new starter joins your team, making them feel comfortable from their first day on the job is important. Getting new hires up to speed and assimilated into the team can help joinees hit the ground running, while a welcoming atmosphere helps new staff to feel comfortable and valued.

Welcoming new hires to the business with quirky activities and a comprehensive new ‘joinee’ email can get them up-to-speed and help them feel happier in their new job.

Here’s a few tips on how to welcome a new employee to your team.

Writing a new employee introduction email to the team

Before organising anything, sending new starters an intro email is the first step to making them feel part of the team.

A new joinee email can include a brief summary of what to expect when they start working for your company, important information and a little about the team.

When writing this, be sure to break it down into easy-to-read sections, there’s no need to overwhelm with too many details.

What essential info should you include?

  • Start date and time – when are they expected to start work
  • Parking info – list any on or off-site car parking or bike storage facilities available.
  • Dress code – casual or formal? Help them avoid any mishaps with their uniform.
  • Documents to bring – HR may need P45 forms or ID from new starters.
  • Arrival instructions – will new hires be meeting anyone in particular or need to check in at reception.
  • Contact details – provide contact info so they can get in touch if with any queries.
  • First day schedule – give a picture of what they’ll be doing when they arrive.
  • Weekly working hours – clearly outline what their regular working hours will be.

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Fun things to add to your email

Your welcome email doesn’t have to be formal. Showcase the approachable side of your company by adding in some fun elements to help put your new starter at ease beforehand.

  • Fun things in your office – have a pool table, basketball hoop or even a slide in your office? Take a picture of people having fun at work and attach it.
  • Break room info – if you have break, lunch or quiet rooms, let your new starter know about how they can relax at the office when not working.
  • Brief intro to the team – attach a document that gives a little profile of each of your team, full of fun facts and interesting bios It’s a great icebreaker and help them get to know their future teammates.
  • Welcome events info – organise a team lunch or after-work social to help ensure your new starter meets everyone. Give them a flavour what they can expect and perhaps give them a choice of where you all go.

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Why is welcoming a new employee important?

Starting a new job, meeting new people and learning a new way of working can be intimidating.

Learning how to welcome a new employee to the team can help you make them feel happy and more engaged with your business.

Remember, happy new employees make productive additions to the team.

Fun ways to welcome new employees

Starting a new job shouldn’t all be about new processes and HR meetings. Here’s a few ways to integrate beginners into your company and make them feel welcome.

  • Team lunch – team bonding is important and a few casual drinks or a meal with teammates can help them get to know them in an informal setting.
  • Fun welcome pack –create a welcome pack, filled with stationery, gifts and a few sweet treats to make them feel at home.
  • First morning team intro – though this can be a daunting experience, it’s sometimes the most effective way to get those awkward first exchanges out the way.
  • Selecting a buddy – pair them up with another member of their team for the first couple of weeks, so they’ve got someone there to ask questions to.
  • Tour around the office – make their arrival as visible to other teams as possible. Give them a tour around the office, telling them where everything is and where other teams sit.

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It’s simple to make new employees feel at home when they arrive through your office doors, using an intro email, a few fun team events and a welcome pack.

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