How to Work Together to Keep Your Office Tidy

Office Space

14th April 2020

3 Minutes

Motivate your colleagues

Do you find yourself asking your colleagues again and again to tidy up in their own workplace or the office kitchen? Being in charge of office organisation can be tiring. Often employees feel the same way: the working day starts with a much better feeling of well-being when the working environment has been left tidy. A pleasant and above all decent office environment contributes to higher concentration, efficiency and motivation. The benefits of a clean office should not be underestimated.

Visible guidelines

In order to avoid putting all the responsibility on one person, you can apply a few simple rules which apply equally to all employees. The first basic rule is: make these rules visible to everyone in the areas that have to be tidy. This means that the tasks that are otherwise always prioritized below work can no longer be overlooked. Hang a beautifully texted and designed board or a poster clearly visible so that the entire office feels addressed by it. Clearly communicated and universally recognised office rules make colleagues help each other and remind people to comply with them.Group of people with hands in the middle

Consistent approach

Unify the general and individual organisational systems – from accounting to personal work areas. To ensure this can take place, the necessary office equipment should be provided, from folders to storage boxes. Once established rules, such as certain structures and colour systems in storage or file folders, can be better imprinted and exercised. A continuous organisational system also creates a visual structure. This creates a harmonious office ambience.Shelves with blue and pink files

Less is more

In an overly packed workplace, it is much harder to maintain cleanliness. Stay more minimalist. When desk stationery is reduced to only the necessary things, it is easier to keep track of the workplace. In order to avoid dense file jams and chaotic scrambles on the table, it is helpful regularly sort through and keep only the most important at hand. Simple storage systems with a few subfolders as well as coloured trays or boxes with clear markings help to identify the correct assignment quickly. For the tidy workspace, there’s another unbeatable argument: a chaotic desk reduces productivity.

Keep the office tidy together

A beautiful office ambience increases well-being and contributes to a good working environment. It is therefore important to make it clear to colleagues that respect for a certain basic order has only positive effects for everyone and that all employees feel more personally comfortable. In other words: making them aware of the benefits of a clean office. Regular joint action on governance is not only appropriate, but also promotes a positive link between organisation and effect. Examples of this could be joint spring cleaning or end-of-month cleaning. A small prize for the best department spurs the teams among themselves and brings a good portion of fun to the order action. The before-and-after experience will not miss the effect.

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