Why Post-it flags are the perfect tool for school

post it notes

30th June 2016

2 Minutes

Post-it index flags come in all shapes, sizes and colours. From fluorescent or pastel colours, and lined or plain, the options are endless, bringing a pop of colour or a flash of creative inspiration into the studying environment.

Many schools are now encouraging the use of tablets and smartphones to help with learning, but the humble index flags are simple, small and perfect for a huge number of educational tasks.

Here are four tips for your children on how to use Post-it index flags on their return to school.

1. Getting organised

You can use a range of Post-it notes in various shapes and sizes to help organise studying. The little rectangular ones can be used as colour-coding tabs so that your child never loses their place in a notebook, whilst larger ones can be used to write revision summaries on and to stick on the relevant parts of pages. Lined ones are also especially useful for this task. And they can even use them to add notes to a textbook without writing on the book itself and getting into trouble with the teacher. Post-it flags are perfect too for indexing and marking off sections in books and pages in your notebook, so there’s endless organising opportunities with this sticky tool.

2. Handy little reminders

Stick a whiteboard on your child’s bedroom wall, then give them a stash of Post-its to remind them to take trip money, cookery ingredients, PE kit, etc to school. This helps them organise themselves, and saves parental headaches. What’s a calendar without a Post-it flags to tick off important days? Use them to stick reminders on to dates – perhaps using different colours; pink for play, yellow for school.

3. Spark of creativity

Post-its aren’t just for organising, they can spark a whole world of creative ideas. Post-its index flags are perfect for little art projects in the classroom, or for a well-earned break from finishing off any homework tasks. Undertaking creative tasks can get your child’s juices flowing and make them more productive when it comes to their homework.

4. Stick them wherever!

Probably the biggest benefit of them all – you can literally put them up wherever you want and take them down hassle free. Whether they are dotted around the classroom with facts and figures, or plastered all over your child’s bedroom door, the index flag is flexible, but more importantly an effective and efficient studying tool.

So whether you’re wanting to boost your child’s creativity, or simply keep them well organised, using index flags really is a great way to get successful results.

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